Upcoming: Varyar in 17h 35m
Upcoming: Bubba in 1d 14h
Upcoming: Baron in 2d 18h
Twitter: @porkchophawaii

Troy "Porkchop" Sparks is one of the gents gracing the airwaves Sunday nights on Far Afield. His interests include SCUBA diving, brewing beer, gaming, and general shenanigans. When giving the interview for this bio, Porkchop suggested putting a disclaimer for fans to download his photo in order to gaze at it offline, rather than overload the RCM servers with the insane amount of traffic it is sure to bring. He also wanted it noted that unfortunately for his hordes of female admirers (or male admirers, as he doesn't discriminate), Porkchop has "a lovely wife and a son who, without force, have stayed with me and generally loved me for me." Also, they live together in Hawaii, which is Hawaiian for "as close to Earthly paradise as you can get while still in the greatest country on the planet." Like Dee, Porkchop is a very laid back individual who will accept whatever drinks are offered, but his preferences run toward Guinness, whiskey, or Scotch.