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Twitter: @kolemsai

Known throughout Rivalcastia as the greatest tank ever in World of Warcraft, Scott "Deededee" Turner shares his cynical views on games he plays, and rages against all stupid people. A fan of RPG's and fighting games, Scott is RCM's Events Director and serves on the RivalCon planning committee. He streams throughout the week for the game streams Monday Night Bullshit and Internet Dad, and is game master for the Saturday D&D show Adventures in Adelmar. He has previously hosted the World of Warcraft related shows Sheep Moon and WoW: Uncensored along with his cohorts in anarchy, Valentine and Bubbacaleb, and is amazed people still go on and download those shows. One of the most easy-going guys you'll ever meet, he'll drink pretty much anything you hand to him with a toast to your health.