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Diablo 3 - After the Storm
May 8th 2013
Diablo 3 â€" After the Storm

I’ve been more of a loyal Blizzard fanboy than I care to admit. I’m not one of their original fans who played Warcraft 1 in all of its 2D glory, in fact I only began playing in the October after the vanilla World of Warcraft release, but since then my life has been consumed by their games - It’s seriously horrifying, every time I typed /played on my WoW account I felt sick to my stomach because I could actually work out the uncannily high percentage of my life that I’d spent running around Orgrimmar in circles on my mount.
Non-spoiler review of World of Warcraft: Dark Riders
May 7th 2013

Back on December 16, 2009, the last issues of the World of Warcraft: The Comic was published. At the time, it was supposed to mark a change in the comic. Rather than being one comic, it would be two comics. World of Warcraft: The Alliance and World of Warcraft: The Horde, both as an ongoing series. Jump forward a few months and both the Alliance comic and the Horde comic were canceled as ongoing series, but we are given the promise they were now going to be graphic novels. Then the waiting started. I can't image many were waiting too long, since in the time it took Blizzard and DC comics to get their act together to publish this comic, they published Ashbringer, Curse of the Worgen, and Pearl of Pandaria.
If you are a long time follower of my old blog, you might remember back in 2011 when I broke the story that these books were still in production, since Jheremy Raapack, the artist, was talking about the Horde book on his blog. However, it wasn't until the San Diego Comic Con 2011 that we got official word that both the Alliance and Horde comics were still, in fact, in the works and the had been renamed Dark riders and Bloodsworn, respectively. Then back in February when I talked to Mickey Nelson he said they were still doing the art on Dark riders. So, knowing all that on May 7, 2013 we finally get to see the story of some of the characters that were introduced almost three and half years ago. Lets take a look.
Shawncaster's PAX East Retrospective
Mar 25th 2013
Ladies and gentlemen it is time for my PAX East retrospective!
I was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by PAX East 2013. It was my first ever convention and it was definitely a good one for my first con, but there were some times that I was disappointed.
I started out my day by being rudely awakened by Octaveus, my dad, and I was told to get ready to go, then two and a half hours pass, all because mother can't get ready to go anywhere fast to save herself. We finally leave at about 9 AM, I'm slowly starting to freak out/ getting pissed off because the con starts at 10. We have an hour to get from home, no I'm not telling you people where I live, to The Boston Exhibition and Convention Center (BECE for short). This is why we can't have nice tings, we will be late to our own funerals if we go as a group. So off we go to PAX! Thus begins the hour and a half drive to the BECE, where I listened to my playlist of VGM, which has a lot of OC Remix music. at about the China Town point I stumble across the Sephiroth Boss music remix, this song was quickly put on loop and it set the mood for the rest of the day.
Shawncaster's Pre PAX East writeup.
Mar 22nd 2013
So yet another "C" Block, Yet another Blog Post. Interesting how a lot of my ideas happen in the 90 minute Foundations of Algebra 2 Part A class. Yea "C" block is my first class this week, 4 block rotating schedule is a thing here.
So I'm going to PAX East on Sunday, and it is the first convention I will be going to of any type. I'm pumped, but also a little unnerved. This will be the first convention I will be going to, suppose I hate it? I highly doubt that I will tho. My Mum and little sibling? Well mum's a germaphobe so I expect quite a bit of hand washing when we get home. The little monster, he/she/it/thing might like it. Octaveus (dad), and I? We are gonna have tons of fun.
What I plan on doing; See as much as I can, get as much information as I can for multiple posts, get all the free stuff. What you can expect from me; at least one or two posts, one retrospective, and one writeup for information about different games. Oh and expect a photo gallery of pictures I take at the con.
Shawncaster's Daily 5 #2: 5 Cool Characters in StarCraft 2 H
Mar 18th 2013
The Daily 55 Cool Characters in StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm.
1. Abathur.
So... Why have I not done a Daily 5 every day?
Mar 18th 2013
So Shawncaster why havn't you done a Daily 5 every day?
Short answer, I'm lazy and didnt think of anything.
Long answer, I have been busy. With school, StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm, and running a Minecraft server (Which you can play on) I have had little time to think of stuff. I'm gonna fix that, somehow.
What is a Daily 5?
Mar 12th 2013
So the thought occoured to me during class, where I am writing this post, "These people don't know what a Daily 5 is." As Edge described it to me a week or so ago, a Daily 5 is a short, read few words, blog post that has a topic and five pictures with a short caption. In essence, a Cracked picture article, only smaller.
That is what a Daily 5 is. I will not be the only person posting these. This was not my idea, Edge wanted me to help out and do some, therefore I will.
Remember: When in doubt, blame the other guy
Shawncaster's Daily 5 #1: 5 Stupid Things to Do In Minecraft
Mar 11th 2013
The Daily 5.5 Stupid Things to do in Minecraft
1. Dig Straight down