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A Brief Gank - Emperor Mickey
Jun 20th 2013
A new emperor has usurped Palpatine.
By Shriggs
5 Reasons Why Blizzard Should NOT Update Outland in WoW
Jun 7th 2013
With the arrival of the Cataclysm, Azeroth got a huge facelift. Every single zone in the old world was redesigned from top to bottom. Some zones were completely reworked, like Thousand Needles and Azshara. Others were changed on a smaller scale, such as Durotar and the Hinterlands. The graphics were overhauled to accommodate for flying mounts, and many towns and quest hubs were changed to give us a fleshed out storyline.
This revamp has come with mixed reviews. Some players love the new questing experience, enjoy the new story lines, and gawk at the updated models. Others miss the old feeling of Azeroth had. Flying, while convenient, took away the exploring aspect of each zone. Many player favorite quest lines, such as Mankrik's Wife and Helcular's Revenge, were removed altogether. Also gone is the open-ended questing experience that the Old World provided, now we are forced to play through linear quest lines to complete a zone.
But is this something we want for Outland?
Edge of Sanity - E3 Conspiracy Theories
Jun 7th 2013
E3, that wonderful time of year when "the big three" get together to see who can give their competition a better a hand job. A long time ago, before the internet was everyone's primary source of information E3 used to be 'the gaming new event of the year'. But as time has gone on and the spread of information has grown this venue tries in vain to screech for relevance. And unfortunately the big console manufacturers still answer that call. And we all pay attention, holding out hope that we will once again be amazed...but ultimately leave disappointed. However this does not mean we can not have fun with it and make crazy predictions about what may happen. So here are a few I've come up with based on either the knowledge that's been released and my own sick twisted view of the world(which has greatly been shaped by you fuckers on the internet!). Keep in mind I don't believe any of these actually come true nor do I wish certain ones to be true at any point. This is merely a silly tin foil hat look at things, except without all the alarmist nonsense...mostly.
1. Sony and Microsoft form a single entertainment entity.
So Sony is really considering breaking up the company and Microsoft's Windows 8 has not been the success they hoped it would be. On top of that there is a rather significant segment of the the gaming population that would like to see an end to the console wars and see Sony and Microsoft work together, if for nothing less than to see a reduction in the mudslinging PR pieces on gaming sites. So the potential for something along these lines is there.
Shawncaster's Daily 5: 5 Badass Characters in Crysis
Jun 6th 2013
The Daily 5:
Shawncaster's top 5 Badass Characters from the Crysis series.
Crysis is a series full of baddasses and seeing the series has in all probability ended, it is time for the 5 most badass characters from the Crysis series. Let us start at #5.
A Brief Gank - Don't Sacrifice Me Bro!
Jun 5th 2013
Jet feels friends aren't all that necessary.
By Shriggs
The Forgotten Core
Jun 3rd 2013
I'm withholding my final judgment on the Xbox One (and also the PlayStation 4) until closer to release. A lot can change in four to five months. Still, I have to admit that what Microsoft demoed two weeks ago is not really making me rush to part with my money. Predictably, most gamers around the internet have gone into full rage mode over a couple of features which I really don't need to revisit. What's more notable to me is that Microsoft has joined a growing list of gaming titans (Electronic Arts, Capcom, Nintendo, Activision, Ubisoft, etc.) who don't seem to care about giving the gaming audience what they want: a quality gaming experience without tons of excessive (or expensive) strings attached.
However, a popular and controversial article that's been making the rounds suggests that what gamers want may not be financially feasible. The sales numbers paint the picture that the money isn't in gaming machines, it's in entertainment devices that just happen to play a few games too. More people are playing mobile games on their smartphones than on devices like the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita (which has all but flopped). The leading console of this generation, the Xbox 360, is now used more for watching movies than playing games. The PlayStation 3 is currently the most popular way to watch movies on Netflix.
The message we're getting is pretty clear: entertainment pays, games don't. Is this really the case? Is all hope lost?
Digital Overlord
Jun 1st 2013
Originally, Facebook provided a valuable service to me. As someone who came of age in the internet generation, I made a lot of friends in all parts of the world. Facebook provided a convenient way for me to keep in touch with all of them, as well people in other circles of my life. Also, there was the added entertainment of watching them interact with each other. Seriously, the unintentional comedy of someone who's best known as a forum troll having a "discussion" with one of my hapless co-workers is something that has to be seen to be appreciated.
In recent months however, the value of a Facebook membership has declined to the point where it's more of a hassle than a convenience. Instead of updates on people I'm interested in, there's just a bunch of "share" bait, "like" bait, quotations disguised as pictures so they'll get more attention, barely intelligent political spam... oh, and rampant advertising. Basically, pages and pages of noise with a few interesting pictures mixed in. There's not enough there for me to bother with the site on a regular basis anymore, and currently I only log in if someone is telling me about some picture or status update that I just have to see.
So, around the same time that I more or less swore off Facebook, I decided to check out Google Plus again. Yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh about how no one uses it. That relative emptiness is turning out to be a blessing. There are no ads and far less fluff, so I'm constantly presented with content that I want to check out, not just garbage. The few people that populate the site also seem far more interested in sharing and discussing interesting topics instead of just linking more of those damned Someecards. While not quite on the level of "I'll go to this website every minute of every day" I'm finding Google Plus to be far more engaging than Facebook has been in quite some time.
A Brief Gank - Meteorong
May 30th 2013

Meteors and Russians and Aliens, OH MY!
By Shriggs
Baron's Blitz: Arrested Development 4
May 29th 2013
“Please tell your friends about our show.â€
Those words have echoed in dorm rooms, parent basements, and various quality home theater systems for the better part of the past six years. In a world where people constantly bitch about low quality television programming, there existed a show that dared push the conventions of the television comedy with an episodic tale where often jokes were set up many episodes in advance of their pay off. It was a show best watched as a marathon that instead was treated to constantly shifting time slots making it difficult for new comers to get lost in the plight of one son with no choice but to keep them all together.
It was our Arrested Development.