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A Brief Gank - Steamed
Jul 4th 2013
Don't lie to yourselves, you know this is exactly what will happen
By Shriggs
Review of Mass Effect: Retribution
Jul 2nd 2013
Mass Effect: Retribution
Written by Drew Karpyshyn
Published on July 27, 2010
Darahas Reviews : Donkey Xote (2007)
Jul 1st 2013
Hello there, I'm Darahas, you are you, and where do we even begin with today's cinematic abomination?

The best way to begin is a little backstory on how I came across this... thing. As I am a high schooler, I've been taking Spanish classes for the past three years. Our teacher tells us that we are going to be reading an abridged version of the literature masterpiece Don Quijote, the story of a normal man named Alonso Quijano who decides to become a knight after reading hundreds of books of chivalry. The abridged version doesn't do the original justice, but that's not the point. What IS the point, is that our teacher had decided to let us watch an animated version of Don Quijote.
Darahas' Rating Scale
Jul 1st 2013
Hello there, I'm Darahas, you are you, and I'll be writing reviews for the website. It'll primarily be movie reviews, but I might venture into games if I think the product is deserving.
1's are near-unwatchable pieces of garbage. Avoid at all cost. Even watching the film in groups is intolerable.
Example: The Last Airbender
A Brief Gank - MICROSOFT STOP!!!
Jun 27th 2013
Thanks for toning it down Microsoft, still not buying your crap.
By Shriggs
Baron's Blitz: World War Z film review
Jun 25th 2013
'World War Z' is a movie caught between three very different worlds. One is the original source material the film is 'loosely' based on, another is the ever evolving zombie movie genre motifs, and third from movie studio puppet heads trying desperately to walk the fine line between disgusting zombies and disgusting profits. The end result is perhaps the most bloodless, by the numbers zombie film complete with the rare happy-ish ending.
The spoiler free plot is this: the zombie apocalypse has begun on a global scale spreading as a viral infection that takes between 10 and 17 seconds to completely turn a person from cannon fodder to poorly rendered animated zombie. The only hope is Brad Pitt, staring as an UN Investigator using his vast experiences serving in various war zones to go out and locate Patient Zero in order to find a vaccine. Although Pitt has retired his post to spend more time with the family, he can’t help but take up arms against the spreading menace after he is threatened with having his family removed from military protection in the middle of the ocean to a poorly defended base in Nova Scotia. Embarking on the journey to find the cure is Pitt with a young scientist and a crack team of Navy Seals to protect them (all 4 of them).
From there the movie jumps from location to location following the trope of â€~if it can go wrong it will’ crap that always follows films like this. Yet somehow our intrepid hero escapes disaster after disaster along with the occasional short but supposedly suspense building phone calls to his wife and kids who spend every waking moment on the verge of being removed from the ship.
Review of Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde
Jun 23rd 2013
Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde
Writen by Michael A. Stackpole
Published on July 2nd, 2013
The Next Gen Console War: Amazon Preorders smash records
Jun 21st 2013
Amazon had its biggest preorder week ever, with early sales of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One leading the charge. At some points, over 2500 preorders for the next-gen consoles were being processed per minute, a 4000% increase over last year’s E3 week console sales. In fact, taken together, Day One preorders smashed last year’s Black Friday, with the Xbox One and PS4 combining to double not just console sales last year, but all video game related sales on what is traditionally the best sales day of the year. While the Playstation 4 took an early lead in the presale race, Microsoft has made a strong comeback. With their public reversal of their once a day connection requirement, as well as the lifting of the used game ban, the Xbox One has surged past the Playstation 4 to become the top selling item on
With the fury of gamers everywhere descending upon the unveiling of the Xbox One, many had speculated whether or not Microsoft would be able to pull off a viable launch for their latest gaming centerpiece. However, these early indications seem to show that the gaming public has been mollified by Microsoft’s willingness to change course. Some in the industry still harbor strong doubts regarding the Kinect and the ability of publishers to insert their own onerous DRM requirements, but this news from Amazon indicates that the public may be a little more willing to forgive. These preorder sale numbers have to be at least somewhat relieving to Don Mattrick and Co, although it is far too soon to tell how either console will do long term. As the launch of the Wii U illustrated, early numbers mean nothing if they can’t be sustained, but if consumers are truly willing to give Microsoft another look, the Xbox One still has the potential to be a dominant force in the next-gen marketplace, with a wealth of exclusive titles and features.
Amazon has yet to release more specific sale numbers for either console, but rest assured that when they do, you’ll read about it here on RivalCast Media.
Jun 21st 2013
And you all thought the console war was over before it even started.
Now that Microsoft has done a complete 180 on the nerd-rage-inducing used game and internet connection policies, the decision doesn't seem as cut-and-dry anymore. If you ask me, the original policies were announced just to test the waters, with the decision to drop them being the backup plan all along. I mean sure, a few of you will keep yelling about Microsoft's condescending PR gaffes during that time, but in four months it'll be all about Killer Instinct.
In the last generation, the Xbox 360 was the obvious choice for gamers out of the gate. While the PS3's earliest claim to fame was being the best blu-ray player on the market, the 360 sported a superior game library across multiple genres. Tales of Vesperia, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Saints Row, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War, Dead or Alive 4, and BioShock were among the big exclusive titles for said console. In addition, Xbox Live was a vastly superior service to the PlayStation Network. Despite the additional cost, it provided an easier to use and more stable experience. It basically became the first social network for gamers.
Microsoft Humbled: Used games are in and always on is out
Jun 20th 2013
Microsoft executives have done a horrific job so far with the launch of the Xbox One. I thought that the Playstation 3 was the worst modern launch I’d ever see, but I would have been wrong. I have to assume that the Microsoft board room has a giant flow chart showing the corporate bigwigs how to make exactly the wrong decision at exactly the right time to generate maximum gamer hate. However, it turns out that even Microsoft’s Don Mattrick will get a clue if beaten hard enough about the head and shoulders.
Microsoft announced today that they would be removing the always on function and allowing used games to be played without any fees or restrictions. Don Mattrick posted an announcement on the Microsoft blog at In it, he attempts to placate the gaming community, stating that they believe that they have created a superior experience, but also stating that Microsoft has heard the gaming communities concerns and will be taking them in to account. The Microsoft exec takes an interesting position, stating “Since unveiling our plans for Xbox One, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback. I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One. “ Obviously, he can’t say, â€~holy CRAP you guys were mad, please don’t hurt us’ but I still find it interesting that he takes the tone of a man finding a rare nugget of gold in the company suggestion box instead of a more conciliatory tone. I’m not sure which one would play better with gamers in general, but it seems a bit more of a mea culpa is in order.
Tone aside, what is ultimately important is the steps that Microsoft will be taking to address our concerns with the Xbox One. The meat of the press release reveals that Microsoft will be making two significant changes, hoping to dampen the criticism that has been leveled at them. First of all, an internet connection will no longer be required to play games offline. The Xbox One will require a connection once to register it online, but then you can play offline to your heart’s content. Cloud based games and disc based games will both be available with no restrictions once they are on your console, with no need to check in and no more region locking. This move is sure to placate gamers that have been outraged by the idea that they had to get Microsoft’s daily permission to play a game they bought.