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Killer Reviews: Armada
Aug 30th 2015
Armada is Ernest Cline’s second major novel after his wildly successful debut novel Ready Player One. This time though, instead of a nostalgia trip of the 80’s, Cline has fun playing with some sci-fi tropes. But is Cline’s second novel worth reading? Simple answer is: If you enjoyed Ready Player One, then yes, you will enjoy this one.
Cline does not quite reach the enjoyment I had with his first novel, but I will look forward to the next novel he writes. So order it now using the Amazon widget on the left side of your screen, so you too can enjoy the story of Armada. (And also that RCM can get a kickback from Amazon).
Well that is it for my review on Ernest Cline’s Armada, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am thinking for my next article I will write about something about guns or something or another. Who knows?
The Dark Comedy of Netflix
Jul 26th 2015
It is generally agreed upon that we are living in a golden age of small screen programs. After the desolation that TV was in the 90's and 00's, we have more options to view solid shows in everything from comedies to dramas. Speaking of the 90's and comedy, let me talk about Netflix's animated series about Bojack Horseman, a washed-up Hollywood actor trying to reclaim the stardom he had during his one hit in the '90s. And, oh, yeah, he happens to be a talking horse.
This is Bojack Horseman, and this is his show
Premiering last August as a Netflix original and just releasing its 2nd season, Bojack Horseman is set in modern day in an anthropomorphic world. Bojack Horseman, voiced by Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame, believes a book of his memoirs will be his last chance to become famous again. The only problem is he is narcissistic, selfish, lazy, and an alcoholic. Bojack's publisher, Penguin*, tired of Bojack's constant delays and on the brink of bankruptcy, hire a ghostwriter for him. This sets the stage for this funny and at times very dark show.
Sci-fi Books to Movies
Jun 22nd 2015
For the last two months the sci-fi part of my geekness has been excited for so long that I should go get medical attention for it. Eidoes Montreal announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the sequel to their 2011-hit game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.That I will get to jump back into the world of Deus Ex with all its cybernics and cool future tech has my sci-fi-hood jump with joy.
Then a month later we had the announcement for XCOM 2 where not only we are going to be the Commander again and lead the brave soldiers of XCOM against an alien menace, we are leading the resistance a la Red Dawn against an alien menace who won and has been controlling the world for 20 years. To add that, the game would be releasing in November of this year!
Varyar living the dream
Crazy Ideas: The Sequel Tax
May 23rd 2015
Many lament what seems to be a never ending march of game and movie sequels that have come out in the last decade, and for good reason. It is rare for a sequel to be as good as, much less surpass, the original. But Hollywood and game developers keep pumping them out with no end in sight.
All Upcoming Movie Sequels (2015 - 2020) upon your future and despair
We all know why we are in this rut of countless sequels: we keep buying and seeing them. We say we want new ideas, characters, and stories instead of endlessly going back to the same crap we have seen a million and a half times. But our actions say the opposite. A company that wants to stay in business is going to do whatever it can to earn a return on any investment it makes, and if a company just has to pop out a crappy or okay sequel product every couple of years, by the Almighty Dollar/Pound/Euro/Yen, they are going to do it. Afterwards, as they drink their champagne, they will pat themselves on the back saying what a good job they did in providing a product the consumer wanted while netting a profit and crappy product.
The Difficulty of Difficulty
Apr 23rd 2015
About a month ago, I was watching The Walking Dead with a group of friends when a commercial for Blood Borne was shown. One of them remarked they had just picked up the game and recommend that I might enjoy it. At the time, they did not know I had played Dark Souls, another game made by From Software. Intrigued and remembering I mostly enjoyed playing Dark Souls even though I never did finish it, I decided I would give Blood Borne a try. An added benefit would be that I would finally have another game that would actually use my PS4 than the single game for which I had bought the system (a game which then disappointed me).
“Please, Killer, come back. We promise the second content pack will be awesome!â€
What I find appealing and frustrating about the games from From Software is the punishment for mistakes and the requirement of learning from said mistakes to advance. A simple desrictipion would "bash your head against a brick wall until the wall is broken." I fought the first main boss of the game nearly 20 times before I had developed the skills and techniques (and a little luck) to finally beat him. This situation seems to be a rare occurrence in videogames now a days, especially on the default difficulty level! You do not see this tear inducing pain unless you pick the highest difficult of a game. Of course Blood Borne and the other games created by From Software have higher difficulty level after you beat the game for the first time.They simply raise the enemy’s health and damage done by them.
The Many Faces of Killer in Bloodborne
Apr 2nd 2015
There is only pain and suffering here.
Firearms: The Reality Vs Videogames pt.4
Mar 23rd 2015
This will be the final part on my series on Firearms: The Reality vs. Videogames. We have talked about many things in these articles, from ballistics to reloading. Usually I would talk about related items in each article, but this time I am going to talk about two separate things, suppressors and shotguns.
After being debriefed by HQ about the fiasco the last mission was, they decided to send us on another mission. This time we going to sneak in and plant a bomb in the enemy’s supply depot before the major offensive. Before we crawl towards the fence line surrounding the depot, we need to take out the two guards on the tower overlooking the surrounding area. Good thing we brought our silencer-equipped sniper rifle. We sight in on the first guard as the other guard walks away. We pull the trigger and sniper rifle makes a soft cough. The first guard drops, and before the second guard notices his buddy has not responded to his mundane question, our sniper rifle coughs again.
Firearms: The Reality Vs Videogames pt.3
Feb 23rd 2015
The Reality vs Videogames pt. 1
The Reality vs Videogames pt. 2
Last time we discussed the physics of shooting firearms and the multiple factors that can affect if the bullets we fired actually hit our intended targets. Now we will talk about what happens when our bullets hit different types of materials, and how the reality of terminal ballistics is sometimes not always as clean cut as videogames make out.
Firearms: The Reality vs Videogames pt. 2
Jan 23rd 2015
The Reality vs Videogames Pt 1:
Now that I have shown you reloading, its various forms, and how they differ from videogames in part one, lets talk about firearm ballistics and actually hitting targets and how reality can be unimaginably different from videogames.
Videogame Inspired Clothing?
Jan 13th 2015
Videogame clothing to me has always been about having a chuckle about an inside joke or identifying with which game I enjoy, whether it is a World of Warcraft t-shirt with “LF39M for Molten Core†or a Half Life 2 logoed t-shirt. But after watching The Rivalcast Episode 83 on TwitchTV (which if you are not watching Highlander and Varyar live, you are wrong and how can you live with yourself?) and hearing their discussion about the products Musterbrand sells, I checked out the store’s website. What the store has to offer began to change my mind on what gaming clothes can be and the idea that they can be more than just joke piece. Perusing the website, I came across their Deus Ex collection and specifically their 2nd edition of Adam Jensen’s trench coat.
It had seemed like fate had entered the picture. I had been thinking of buying a new coat to wear to work, and while it is a laid back office environment, it is still office environment. Here was a coat that spoke to my inner gamer child-self, yet was subdued enough that it did not scream “this guy is a GEEK.†My actions with my co-worker already does that for me. After much internal debate that night (about two hours and a glass of my favorite scotch) I ordered the coat. So the waiting game began... and then it ended abruptly. Surprisingly, the waiting game would be the length of your typical shooters nowadays: the coat was scheduled to arrive from Germany in less than three days. This was to be very fortunate for me, due to the coming winter blast arriving to my neck of the woods.