The Last Days
D-01: Nearly ran over someone today. I think he was playing that new mobile game everyone raving about. Just pissed me off. I mean, he just walked out in front of me. Of course, true to the stereotype, it was a 16 year old. Not a single care in the world except to make sure his gazed eyes were glued to the phone in his hands. I know it’s not true, but I swear the younger generations are just becoming dumber. It’s probably me becoming older and grouchier.

D-05: Big news networks are running stories about the new mobile game. They’re gushing how young people are getting out outside instead of shutting themselves inside with their electronics. Now they’re outside… with their electronics. What a world. Admittedly it’s weird to see these large groups of people in parks wandering around with their phones in their hands. Even weirder is the local news is blowing up with the rash of pedestrians accidents in town. People were on their phones and just walked into to traffic. The kicker was everyone of them was playing the new game.

D-11: Went to some friends’ house to check up on them since they hadn’t been answering their phones. Immediately everything was screaming something was wrong. The unmowed lawn, the piled up mail in the mailbox, and the front door was wide open. I went in calling for them, Nothing. Just silence. I tried calling the police, but the lines were busy. I tried the other emergency numbers and all I got was busy signals. Helpless, I headed home. I texted Jes, my girlfriend, what happened. With all the strange things going on, she insisted she come along with me tomorrow to look for any clues. Hopefully we’ll find something tomorrow.

D-12: I should've known, but I didn’t figure it out until it was too late. It’s the game. It’s the goddamn game. Anyone plays that damn game just becomes part of this horde. A zombie horde, only this one spreads through this mobile game, and I witnessed the horror of it first hand. On the drive over Jes was playing the game. I didn’t notice her silence with being so focused on getting back to my friends’ place. We got there, and I immediately went through the house again looking for clues to my friends’ whereabouts. After a couple of minutes I finally noticed that Jes hadn’t followed me into house. I went back outside to see where she had gone. She hadn’t gone anywhere. She was still in the car, on her phone, without a care in the world. I called out to her to come help me, but she just keep staring at her phone. I rushed to the car and opened the door. Calling out her name again, and again that goddamn phone kept her gaze. In anger and, now that I look back at it, panic, I grabbed the phone out of her hand and called to her. She blinked, and for a second I thought she was snapping back to reality and called out to her one more time. Then I saw it. The look in her eyes. It wouldn’t matter how many times I yelled out her name now. All that was left of Jes was a hunger to play that mobile game. When she saw her phone she leaped at it. Shrieking and crying. Stunned by it all, I couldn’t keep the phone from her. Once she had it back in hands, her shrieking instantly stopped. Then that wretched phone beeped out a notification sound. Then Jes said the last words I would ever hear from her: “Gotta catch them…†and she started walking away. This sight became even more terrifying when I saw others walking out of their homes and yards heading the same direction that Jes was walking. All of them muttering under their breath “Gotta catch them…â€


D-13: What’s left of the news media is circulating stories of these hordes trampling and stampeding over people. I’ve got to get out of the city limits to a place where there’s no cell coverage. It’s the only way I’m going to survive. There’s a vacation resort nearby. I know there’s no coverage there since me and Jes went there last year to get away from it all. Well I guess that’s what I need, to get away from it all. If that doesn’t work I have a second place I can go.

D-15: Well, as Uncle Bobby used to say, if having a backup plan is good thing then having two backup plans is great. The resort was completely ransacked and on fire. The backup-backup plan is this out of the way cottage that belongs to an old friend’s family. When I arrived there was no sign of them coming here. I know the odds of them being alive are slim, but I hope they’re alive.


D-25: Bad news and good news. Good news is this place is stacked with a good amount of food. Bad news is that it’s going to be the only food I’ll be eating for awhile. The reason why is simply because a horde has surrounded the place. It’s slightly distressing considering the last few broadcast of any news was that the hordes were not venturing out of the cell coverage. The horde outside belies that fact. Well I guess I better get comfortable. Either they’ll move on or they’ll start dying off soon due to lack of water.

D-30: Well apparently my plan of waiting for the horde to die of thirst or their phones to run out of power does not seem to be working. Something must be keeping them alive and their phone charged. What, I don’t know. There’s too many of them for me kill by hand or by weapon. Worse thing is the water line is broke and I just have a couple of days worth of water in containers.

D-44: This is it. I’m out of water. Imagine, I have all the food I would need, but not a drop of water. All I can do is laugh. In the great game of life, I’ve had too many bad rolls of the dice to continue it seems. So in light of this, I’m going to make a run for it. Of course the horde is still has the place surrounded, and I probably have no hope of getting past them, but I’m not going to go crawl in the corner and await death. Who knows, I might get that 1% roll of the dice. In any case, I’m leaving the majority of things I’ve brought with me these last days. Wouldn’t do any good if everything was lost out in the horde instead of being used by survivors who find this place. I hope they’ll make good of use of it. For these who are reading this, remember, you’re part of the resistance. Don’t let this horde be our legacy on the earth.

PS: I hate Pokemon.
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