A Change of Pace
The original Doom and Doom II are classics of the First Person Shooter genre, and for good reason: they would set the standard of what a FPS should be. For many years, any FPS would be casually be grouped together with the label of Doom-clone, just like the 3rd person sandbox games would be labeled as GTA-clones. Now I get to experience, as Varyar would say, THE GLORY that is Doom that I sadly missed out when it was released in the 90’s. Here is some of quick thoughts so far about the game.

The Gameplay
Let me get straight to the point: Doom is a refreshing breath of fresh air. It is a welcome change of pace, literally. I had not really given it deep thought about how many shooters of today are slower pace than the shooters of yesteryear. The reasons for this slow down are varied and many, such as console shooters becoming popular, the introduction of recharging health and cover mechanics, and a plethora of “military†shooters being in-thing for some time. So when Doom goes back to the roots of 90’s shooters, the contrast is drastic and welcomed. That is not to say that the more conventional shooters of today are inherently worse, but it does make one think about the rut the FPS genre seems to be in at the moment.

To me so far, the greatest contributing factor that allows the fast pace to be maintained in game, primarily in the single player, is the glory kill system. Running low on health while engaging a horde of demons? Running behind some cover and sucking on your thumb hoping for your health to recharge soon before the demons find you is not the Doom way. No, you are Doom Marine. You run those demons down and crush their skulls with their own legs or rip out their hearts and shove it back down their throats. Only then will you be rewarded with a shower of health packs and orbs.

This. This will never get old.

Single Player
Speaking of charging forward, I loved the intro sequence. There is no long, drawn out cinematic to introduce the story or your character. You are literally playing the game within ten seconds of the campaign starting. Your first priority is killing demons in a terrible and glorious fashion. The story is secondary to the fun of killing demons and exploring the mission areas for secrets. That is not say the story is not good, but the story does not take itself too seriously. When you are told to how to safely shut down a piece of equipment that is important for the continuation of your mission and you instead just smash it with your boot, I think a tone is set. I have not completed the campaign yet, but I imagine this tone is maintained throughout, which I thoroughly approve of.

So far, I have enjoyed my taste of the multiplayer, all six hours of it, with Baron and Varyar during our Operation Supply Drop marathon stream. I think we all enjoyed our limited time, while some showed their enthusiasm for this section with their slightly overzealous and evil laughter. I think I will need more time to give a firmer opinion on the PvP section, but I know the SnapMap section of Doom is going to be very fun for the RCM crew with its co-op maps.

So stayed tuned to the RCM Youtube channel, where Baron, Varyar, and I will give some more thoughts on Doom when we review the game in our The Good, the Bad, and the What If series. Until then, I am going to continue ripping heads off of demons and using them to smash their fellow demons’ faces in. See you on the other side of hell.
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