Year In Review: 2015 "Changes"
Well it is the end of 2015, and what a year it has been. For RCM it has been a year of growth with new shows and content going out almost every night. For me, it has been a year of some significant changes. For everyone’s sake I will try keep this brief. I mean I cannot imagine anyone would want to read the details of my life, unless you were a stalker (hi Tracy) or a Chinese hacker (which, by the way US government: great job on the cyber security and protection of my information!).

The following is in chronological order:

RCM On Tap
I never had a great desire to be on one of RCM’s shows. I was pretty content with being behind the scenes and writing my monthly articles for the front page. Despite being shanghaied into it, I do not regret being with RCM On Tap. It has been a great joy working with Baroness and Biomed, and creating a solid show that keeps the audience entertained. I look forward to the many more shows we will make, and guests will bring on.

New Family Traditions
If you have watched some of the earlier episodes of On Tap, you know that I went on a hunting trip with my father and his two brothers. It was interesting to see the three brothers interact with each other for the first time in many years, and to hear all the stories of when they were kids and the troubles they would get into. I enjoyed the fact that I was treated as an equal, in the sense that even though I was younger than them, I was an adult of the family group and no longer in their eyes just their kid nephew. Although I think it did not hurt that I was the first to bag some hogs on the trip. All of us had a such a great time that we want to make it a yearly tradition, which I look forward to.

My Job
This one is kind of bittersweet for me. When the contract I was working on came to a close, there was a lot of uncertainty about my future employment. Midway through this uncertainty period, I would get confirmation that my position was not going away, but at the same time many of my coworkers were not going be as lucky. In the end I would come through unscathed, but the team was cut down by two thirds. On a good note, all of those let go were able to find employment before the contract ended, but I will miss working with those who left.

Roommate Leaving
Speaking of leaving, my best friend / roommate moved out. It is good that he can live with his fiancee now, but it does end a chapter in our lives that lasted over six years. I will miss our daily interactions, our weird bullshit conversions on everything and anything, and of course, my beloved Bella. But it's not like there's no way to communicate or see each other, it will just be different. And it is kind of nice to be walk around the house in the nude. But I think I can improve on this walking around nude thing by buying my own house. Might have to make that a priority for next year. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I would just like to say, at this moment, how glad I am that I don't have the ability to picture people naked. My brain will either impose pixellation or one of those black box things over any potentially NSFW bits. I'm not kidding.]

So the lesson to remember, boys and girls is this:
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