The Return of Sheep Moon...kinda
Well, I said it was going to be permanent.

I lied.

In all honesty I didn't plan on it. I was going to be done. Done with the WoW Community, done with the game, done with it all.

But everything changed the day Legion was announced.

Of course I was excited, but cautiously. It's fucking ILLIDAN. It's DEMON HUNTERS. It's DUNGEONS. Pretty much everything I want. So I started reading, which led me to listening to old shows I used to follow (Hello Stopcast), which gave me the itch to talk about it.

But I know I can't do a weekly show anymore. As much as I want to, I just can't. I don't have the time. I don't have the patience, and quite frankly I don't want to. I am enjoying what I'm doing now; with the Youtube vids (which are on their way back I PROMISE) and streaming and writing for RCM. I love that I don't feel tied down with my content to be WoW focused, and I want to keep it that way.

But there's a way to have our cake and eat it too: The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

Everyone knows what this is. You know that whenever Christmas comes around, you are going to watch it (I don't care how old you are). Fond memories are created from this one show that happens every year. OR THE GREAT GODDAMNED PUMPKIN! These are special, because they coincide with a special event, and they are fun and memorable.

Well, Sheep Moon is going to be fun and memorable goddammit.

So here's the deal. Whenever a BIG event happens in WoW, whether it be Blizzcon, expansion release, major patch release, or whatever, you can bet your ass that there will be a Sheep Moon following it.

I am not going to set a time frame for this show; as in I'm not going to say it'll be 90 minutes long or whatever. We'll go live, and we'll just talk about whatever is going on for as long as I feel like. It might be an hour, or four, it doesn't really matter.

Due to the scheduling on the station, a Sheep Moon will always happen on a Monday at 8pm Central time, replacing my stream of Monday Night Bullshit for that week. It will always follow a major event, so if they launch something the previous Tuesday, that next Monday you can bet there will be a Sheep Moon.

And it will largely stay the same as the show you know and love (and you keep downloading 6 months after it ended for who knows what reason). Guardian of the Forums? Yep. Super Guardian? Probably. Social Experiment? Definitely.

Of course, you can help with this project. We will be doing emails once again, but with a special show like this, you can't listen and then send one in. So here's how you do it: Just email anytime. Watching Blizzcon? Email me your thoughts and we will go over them on the show with my *cough* expert *cough* commentary.

It'll be a lot of fun, for both you and me. The first episode will air November 9th at 8 pm central. I hope to see you all there.

Don't break the sheep!

P.S. No, I still haven't sent the tournament prizes. No, I haven't forgotten. Yes, I will (hopefully) send them as soon as my schedule allows. I beg for your forgiveness, and ask for your patience.
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I can't explain it. I never cared about WoW outside the immediacy of specific things people in our group were doing. But I did very much enjoy Sheep Moon. My affinity for ovine species attracted me to the name before I even knew what the show was about; I stuck around because you entertained me :) (And now I get to work with you all the time on cool stuff!)
So yes, I am excited for special Sheep Moons!
What Scott is trying to say: Sheepmoon is gonna be like TA (Toonamiaftermath) special streaming like their Halloween Show (So ready for it).

Remind me about this Scott, so I don't miss it on November 9)