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The Return of Sheep Moon...kinda
Oct 29th 2015
Well, I said it was going to be permanent.
I lied.
In all honesty I didn't plan on it. I was going to be done. Done with the WoW Community, done with the game, done with it all.
The Reddit Thread that Enthralls the Internet
Jan 19th 2015
Although many of us don't want to admit it, we love drama. Hearing about other's misfortunes tickles our brain in a way that we find fascinating, which is why soap operas are so popular; drama that doesn't involve us at all.
Well, a Redditor by the name of MyLifeSuxNow reddit.com/u/MyLifeSuxNow (yes, it is a throwaway account) caught his wife and sister-in-law cheating in a four-way, and is live updating the story. It includes a PI, play-by-play, and the emotional roller coaster that he is going through.
It is a sad story, one that I can personally relate to as the victim of infidelity, so I know what MyLifeSuxNow is going through. But, if you want to see some justice served, then sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to binge like watching every season of a fascinating show on Netflix.
2015, The Year of the Fighting Game
Jan 5th 2015
While 2014 started off slow as far as fighting games go, there was a big push at the end of the year with some fantastic new games for one of the oldest genres of competitive video games. With fantastic games like Super Smash Bros 4, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign and Omega Mode Street Fighter 4 coming at the end of the year, it looks like the FGC is making it's way back to the forefront.
The schedule for 2015 looks promising, with many popular series that have become stale receiving new entries into their catalogs, and some surprising new IPs that could potentially make a splash, 2015 looks like a golden year for fighting.
Let's look at some of the releases scheduled for next year (in no particular order)
World of Warcraft down to 7.7 million subscribers.  Worried?
Jul 26th 2013
In a press release that announced Activision-Blizzard's intention of buying back their stock from parent company Vivendi, Blizzard announced that the subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft have dropped to 7.7 million, down from 8.3 million last quarter.
No, it's not. Shut up. However I do believe it's time that Blizzard thinks about their position.
5 Reasons Why Blizzard Should NOT Update Outland in WoW
Jun 7th 2013
With the arrival of the Cataclysm, Azeroth got a huge facelift. Every single zone in the old world was redesigned from top to bottom. Some zones were completely reworked, like Thousand Needles and Azshara. Others were changed on a smaller scale, such as Durotar and the Hinterlands. The graphics were overhauled to accommodate for flying mounts, and many towns and quest hubs were changed to give us a fleshed out storyline.
This revamp has come with mixed reviews. Some players love the new questing experience, enjoy the new story lines, and gawk at the updated models. Others miss the old feeling of Azeroth had. Flying, while convenient, took away the exploring aspect of each zone. Many player favorite quest lines, such as Mankrik's Wife and Helcular's Revenge, were removed altogether. Also gone is the open-ended questing experience that the Old World provided, now we are forced to play through linear quest lines to complete a zone.
But is this something we want for Outland?
What Would a Player Made Expansion Look Like?
May 25th 2013
With patch 5.3 live, and this expansion winding down, murmurs and speculation have begun about what the next expansion could bring.
Nothing is known about the 5th expansion to the most popular MMO on the planet, but there is one thing that is absolutely, 100% guaranteed.
Not everyone is going to like it.
Loss of World of Warcraft Subs Should Make Blizzard Think
May 9th 2013
In a recent earnings call, Activision/Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft has dropped to 8.3 million subscribers, down from the 9.6 million from the last quarterly earnings call.

It stated that most of those lost subscribers were from the East (China, Korea, etc.) and could be attributed to the ever increasing market rise of free-to-play MMOs. Aside from that though, it's obvious that the mighty Goliath of the MMO market is on the decline. No, WoW isn't dead, so all of you doomsday callers can put away your signs now, but it's clear that Blizzard needs to make some changes in order to save their flagship franchise.