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Two isms, one post
May 8th 2013
Last week, a friend of mine accused me of "pulling the black card".
We were talking about Lindsay Lohan, a woman who I personally despise for her apparent immunity to the criminal consequences of her actions. I've pretty much lost count of the number of things she's been arrested for by now, which include everything from DUIs to hit-and-runs to grand larceny to even tax evasion. For all that, the girl has served a grand total of a few days of jail time. I mentioned (in a bit of an unexpectedly angry rant) that had the same crimes all been committed by a black man instead of a rich white girl, the man wouldn't be seeing another sunrise.
People who know me well know that I'm one of the last people to cry racism for any particular situation. Hell, I've even claimed that the frequent use of the N-word by internet bad-asses isn't really racism. I tend to embrace most racial stereotypes as a big joke. So what if I like fried chicken and Kool-Aid? That shit's good, man.
What else is on?
Apr 23rd 2013
I haven't turned on my TV in about two weeks. Doesn't seem like there's anything good on lately. Well, there's Game of Thrones, but that's been collecting virtual dust on my DVR while I do other things like play games and watch anime on Hulu. So, I managed to miss most of the coverage on the big story last week, the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the manhunt afterwards. Well, I missed the mainstream media's TV coverage, I should say. Twitter seemed to do a pretty good job at keeping me up to date whether I cared or not, and I browsed through the cliff notes at the end of the day on my RSS reader.
I've never been a big fan of TV news coverage as whole. Probably the most minor offense is that they fill time with bullshit when there's nothing new to report during a major event. The biggest two issues are their need to be "first" as opposed to "true", and their need to over-dramatize everything to make a "compelling" narrative instead of just giving us the facts. The coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting back in mid-December was pretty much the last straw. The perpetuation of the assault weapon meme went so far as to claim that the shooter actually used an AR-15 to commit the crime; the truth (which most people don't even know, shockingly) is that the evil rifle was found in the trunk of Lanza's car, and was never fired.