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Originally, Facebook provided a valuable service to me. As someone who came of age in the internet generation, I made a lot of friends in all parts of the world. Facebook provided a convenient way for me to keep in touch with all of them, as well people in other circles of my life. Also, there was the added entertainment of watching them interact with each other. Seriously, the unintentional comedy of someone who's best known as a forum troll having a "discussion" with one of my hapless co-workers is something that has to be seen to be appreciated.

In recent months however, the value of a Facebook membership has declined to the point where it's more of a hassle than a convenience. Instead of updates on people I'm interested in, there's just a bunch of "share" bait, "like" bait, quotations disguised as pictures so they'll get more attention, barely intelligent political spam... oh, and rampant advertising. Basically, pages and pages of noise with a few interesting pictures mixed in. There's not enough there for me to bother with the site on a regular basis anymore, and currently I only log in if someone is telling me about some picture or status update that I just have to see.

So, around the same time that I more or less swore off Facebook, I decided to check out Google Plus again. Yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh about how no one uses it. That relative emptiness is turning out to be a blessing. There are no ads and far less fluff, so I'm constantly presented with content that I want to check out, not just garbage. The few people that populate the site also seem far more interested in sharing and discussing interesting topics instead of just linking more of those damned Someecards. While not quite on the level of "I'll go to this website every minute of every day" I'm finding Google Plus to be far more engaging than Facebook has been in quite some time.

So, while I was on Google Plus I was encouraged to try out Google Play Music's new All Access, which is basically a Spotify clone, but it's a dollar cheaper per month. I paid for it with Google Wallet, got a confirmation in my Gmail account, then installed the app in both my Chrome browser and on my Android phone. Yup, I use so many of Google's products and services that this company probably owns about half of my digital existence. Pretty damned creepy when you think about it. Think when I think more about it... it's not THAT big a deal. We all know that Google, like Facebook, Microsoft, and others, are selling off digital profiles of every internet user they come across to advertisers. My concern is more about what's in it for me? Facebook is just annoying me lately, so not much personal value there. Google, on the other hand... have you seen Google Now? That shit is amazing, and if I can get more services like that, I'm more than willing to accept Google as my digital overlord.

If you're interested in joining me in digital servitude, you can find my Google Plus profile at
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