New Year's Resolution: Play more video games
2015 was by all accounts a good year to be a PlayStation 4 owner. I wouldn't know it personally though, since my PS4 collected dust most of last year, with the occasional dusting off to stream something on Netflix or WWE Network. I hadn't touched it to actually play any games since last January, when The Last of Us Remastered and Resogun occupied a non-insignificant portion of my gaming awareness. It's not that I didn't want to play more, but the chaos of life that defined my 2015 made it mostly impossible. I vaguely paid attention to the various new releases that everyone else talked about, waiting for a chance when I could be a part of that conversation. Today, I'm still waiting.

The drought finally ended when my wife blessed me with a PS4 copy of Fallout 4, and not a day has gone by since where I haven't gone off on an adventure into the irradiated Commonwealth. Even without the benefit of the PC modding community, Fallout 4 is an enjoyable enough game that I'm itching to get back into another groove. There were so many experiences over the last year that I missed out on that now seems like a perfect time to look back and catch up. Of course, there will be some conflict with the releases of this year, but with some decent time management and recognizing that I don't have to beat every game in existence, I think there's hope for me yet.

Oh yeah, I'm looking to play all of these titles on the PS4. I know I could use my PC for some of these, but at the moment there's something... I dunno, just right about sitting on the couch instead of at my desk these days.

The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V join Fallout 4 to complete the open-world trio that dominated most gaming conversations last year. I'm a little worried about open-world ennui, and Witcher 3 alone is downright intimidating if it really has as much content as everyone says it does; it'll take me almost a full year to get through all of that. Still, I want to at least try them out, if not finish everything.

Batman: Arkham Knight is also on my must-play list. Yeah, most people acted like it was a big letdown, but as much as I enjoyed the previous two Arkham games, I owe it to myself to see the complete trilogy to its conclusion.

Until Dawn is also on my radar purely from hype alone. I've watched a couple of short videos, and this looks like something that my wife would love to watch while I play. Besides, I've always claimed that horror movies don't work for me since they rely on all the characters being more or less brain dead. This is my chance to fix that problem.

The last game that I was really looking forward to was The Uncharted Collection. Having never owned a PS3 I missed out on the series lauded as the best the console had to offer. With the fourth game on its way to the PS4 in a few months, this seems like the ideal year to catch up on the Uncharted legacy. Of course, odds are that I won't be touching Uncharted 4 anywhere near the time it launches, but I'm okay with that. The last year has forced me to make peace with the idea that I don't need to play every game the instant it comes out.

Bloodborne is another acclaimed game that I'm less excited about. I hated the Dark Souls series more than most people are able to comprehend, but now that the combat is a bit more active and fluid, I'm curious to see if this one will grab me when Souls couldn't. Dark Souls just felt pointless to me, like here's this massive challenge for no reason, and no motivation to get through it. I don't know if Bloodborne will be the same.

Life is Strange got a lot of press too, but I know literally nothing about it other than there's some thing where you type searches into a computer. I haven't had the time or enough curiosity to look up anything on the game, so I must not care that much, but maybe there's something to it.

Finally, the game I heard the most about by far last year, Rocket League. This one I have watched quite a bit, on Youtube and Twitch. It looks entertaining, but I think I'm too late to get into this one. The thing about competitive multiplayer games is that as they mature, beginners get left in the dust. That problem is exacerbated quite a bit for me, since I don't really seem to have a natural aptitude for competitive gaming, nor a drive to become a better player instead of just moving on to something else. I'll never hear the end of how much fun that game is, but I don't think I'll have fun constantly getting my ass handed to me while I learn how to play. That's a big reason why I don't really bother with any form of competitive multiplayer anymore save the occasional bout of Hearthstone. If I just naturally suck, I don't care enough to fix that problem instead of finding another single-player experience instead.

Anyway, that's my must-play list for this year. Unfortunately it doesn't really take into account whatever arrives in 2016 (and there will be much games arriving), but thankfully, that's what 2017 is for.
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