Hearthstone Chronicles #2: My magic will tear you apart!

At the end of the October 2015 season, my "secret mage" deck, seen above, managed to drag me up to Rank 18, which the game cheerily told me put me in the Top 50% of Hearthstone's 30-million-plus players. I probably could've done better, but I didn't really play that many games; life and all that still has a tendency to happen. Besides, I was surprised how well the deck did even at low ranks. Unless I got a bad starting hand or was up against one of the popular meta decks (like face hunter or secret paladin), I seemed to handily win most games. The Rank 20 chest reward was forgettable, but who cares. I'm just slowly trying to build up my collection enough to where I can create decks with a bit more firepower.

Speaking of building up a collection, I was seriously wondering whether or not I should bother with the Blackrock Mountain adventure/expansion when the newest one, League of Explorers, was announced this weekend at Blizzcon. I guess it helps that this one is a few bucks cheaper than normal, and it looks like the cards added will be more interesting and more of a meta-changer than The Grand Tournament was. Also, it looks like fun, which let's face it, it's so popular these days to whine about Blizzard games that people a lot of times forget how much fun they can be.

Also speaking of fun, I did spend a few rounds on this week's Tavern Brawl, which was an interesting battle where you had to co-operate with your opponent to take down a 95-health boss with some annoyingly powerful attacks. It wasn't until my fourth try that my "opponent" and I finally scored a win. It wasn't the biggest challenge, but getting used to the format and figuring out the best method to destroy the crazy robot took most people a few attempts before they got it down. I've usually found the Tavern Brawl to be a fun distraction from the ladder grind with the crazy rules and stuff, and this particular one was the best so far.

If I had any complaints about my Hearthstone experience these past few weeks, it's my luck with opening packs. I've opened several between Tavern Brawl wins and gold earned, and I've yet to get anything other than common cards and the one guaranteed rare each time (and the rare was a duplicate in every case but one). Not sure how legitimate a gripe that is, since it's all the luck of the draw, but I'm griping about it right now anyway.

Well, that's it for now. Back to the ladder, where I might actually try for Rank 15 this time. You know, if I don't get too distracted by anything else.
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