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I'm contractually obligated by RivalCast Media to create at least some content related to video games while I'm doing this blog thing. Problem is, it's difficult to talk about games when I haven't had much time to play them. I've managed about one hour of game time in the past week, and all of that was spent on Zen Pinball FX2. Hearthstone hasn't interested me much lately; I think I've gotten burned out already on the limited arsenal of cards in that game that everyone uses.

I've also thought about getting involved in another MMO. Yeah, odd that I would consider that after complaining about having no gaming time, but it's been long enough that the itch is there. World of Warcraft is not on my radar at all, but I looked long and hard at Final Fantasy XIV, long enough to where my mouse cursor hovered dangerously close to the "Buy it Now!" button on Amazon where the game was being discounted for half price. I ended up deciding against it because while the polish is nice, the gameplay would've just bored me. After playing more action-oriented MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and Tera, going back to traditional hotkey combat seems archaic. I had also considered Phantasy Star Online 2. While the game is currently only released in Japan (a state-side version was supposed to be out over a year ago), it's more than possible to play it in English, though there are some hassles involved that someone who isn't fluent in Japanese, like myself, probably won't want to be bothered with. In fact, if I do return to an MMO anytime soon, it's likely that Tera will be my game of choice. It's fun, it's pretty, and it has a great free to play system that doesn't feel like coin purse robbery.

Until then, I should make a better attempt to clear out my Steam backlog. My progress so far this year at that task has been abysmal; I've spent more time playing around with PS3 games like The Last of Us and Dragon's Crown, and there's a good chance that I'll eventually get lost in the Final Fantasy X HD or Tales of Symphonia HD remakes coming out soon. It's so bad that I completely forgot that I even own Saints Row IV, and I had been looking forward to that game since the beginning of last year. When I do decide to double down on Steam, I'll be streaming all my playthroughs on my Twitch channel, so the crowd can either motivate or mock me because... well, I suck at games these days.

Alright, time to wrap this up before I start rambling about something political again. Yeah, I know, no one wants to hear all that.
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