So... Why have I not done a Daily 5 every day?
So Shawncaster why havn't you done a Daily 5 every day?

Short answer, I'm lazy and didnt think of anything.

Long answer, I have been busy. With school, StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm, and running a Minecraft server (Which you can play on) I have had little time to think of stuff. I'm gonna fix that, somehow.

Shawncaster's Daily 5's will probably be a weekly event due to school and my commitments to school clubs. but when summer vacation starts I will have a new Daily 5 every day, hopefully, and I will build a backlog for a few months worth of content.

I will try to have a Daily 5 for you all today, featuring StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm, and then either Sunday or Monday of next week I will have a retrospective on my first ever convention, PAX East. And while I am only going to be there for one day, that being Sunday, I will have plenty to write about.

When in doubt, blame the other guy.

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