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KTC and it's Tech Crew (A Shawncaster Documentary)
May 24th 2014
So for my advanced broadcasting class I had to make a 15 minute documentary on something involving our school or town, I chose theater again. So what I did was I documented some of the unseen things that happen before and during a show. Take a look at the embedded version over at
(The youtube version didn't meet my expectations)
Feedback is appreciated.
Knight’s Theater Company’s Night of the living Dead
Feb 2nd 2014
Shawncaster writes something for once: Knight’s Theater Company’s Production of George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead†write-up and opinion.
So this will be a bit different than my other articles that focus on Gaming. This article in fact looks at something that is as near and dear to my cold, never feeling, heart. I’m talking about theater. This year my school’s theater club did George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and I wanted to share how we managed to pull off a successful play version of the original zombie movie.
I myself was very involved in the production about Night of the Living Dead, as I was the stage manager for it, therefore everything I talk about I know from bitter experience. We started the production right at the beginning of the school year, first day of school there was the announcement that a Knight’s Theater Company (KTC) interest meeting would be the next day after school. At that meeting our director, Kevin Lasit, announced that our fall play would be George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead†from there things only got interesting.
Shawncaster's Video Game Adventures #1
Nov 4th 2013
Shawncaster’s Video Game adventures #1
Welcome to a new, longer format article that I want to do. Therefore I will begin the retelling of the only game I have played this month.
Terraria. Yep, that’s right, Terraria is the only game I’ve played this month, but mainly because it’s the first thing on my Steam list when I open it up. I have not really had time to play games over the past month or so due to my school’s fall play. Our director adapted George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead†and I’m the stage manager so it’s been hectic as all get out.
Shawncaster’s A dose of 5: 5 LoL Champs Played the most.
Oct 12th 2013
Shawncaster’s a Dose of 5: 5 most popular Champions from League of Legends this month.
A month late you say? True, but I also had an idea, why not alternate them each month. So one month I will recap the least popular champions from League, and then the next month I recap the most popular ones. So here we go, time for the most popular champions in League of Legends this month. (From August 27 to September 28)
#5: Lee Sin, The Blind Monk;
Shawncaster’s A dose of 5: 5 LoL Champs Played the least.
Sep 16th 2013
5 League of Legends champions that are played the least.
League of Legends, a game loved by many, has over 115 champions that you can play. With such a wealth of talent, and with each champion having it's own abilities catering to different play styles, one would think that all of the various characters would see at least somewhat similar play time. However, this is not the case. Here are five of the least played champions in regular 5V5 Summoner’s Rift matches worldwide in the last month according to
#5: Poppy: the Iron Ambassador
Shawncaster's Daily 5: 5 Badass Characters in Crysis
Jun 6th 2013
The Daily 5:
Shawncaster's top 5 Badass Characters from the Crysis series.
Crysis is a series full of baddasses and seeing the series has in all probability ended, it is time for the 5 most badass characters from the Crysis series. Let us start at #5.
Shawncaster's PAX East Retrospective
Mar 25th 2013
Ladies and gentlemen it is time for my PAX East retrospective!
I was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by PAX East 2013. It was my first ever convention and it was definitely a good one for my first con, but there were some times that I was disappointed.
I started out my day by being rudely awakened by Octaveus, my dad, and I was told to get ready to go, then two and a half hours pass, all because mother can't get ready to go anywhere fast to save herself. We finally leave at about 9 AM, I'm slowly starting to freak out/ getting pissed off because the con starts at 10. We have an hour to get from home, no I'm not telling you people where I live, to The Boston Exhibition and Convention Center (BECE for short). This is why we can't have nice tings, we will be late to our own funerals if we go as a group. So off we go to PAX! Thus begins the hour and a half drive to the BECE, where I listened to my playlist of VGM, which has a lot of OC Remix music. at about the China Town point I stumble across the Sephiroth Boss music remix, this song was quickly put on loop and it set the mood for the rest of the day.
Shawncaster's Pre PAX East writeup.
Mar 22nd 2013
So yet another "C" Block, Yet another Blog Post. Interesting how a lot of my ideas happen in the 90 minute Foundations of Algebra 2 Part A class. Yea "C" block is my first class this week, 4 block rotating schedule is a thing here.
So I'm going to PAX East on Sunday, and it is the first convention I will be going to of any type. I'm pumped, but also a little unnerved. This will be the first convention I will be going to, suppose I hate it? I highly doubt that I will tho. My Mum and little sibling? Well mum's a germaphobe so I expect quite a bit of hand washing when we get home. The little monster, he/she/it/thing might like it. Octaveus (dad), and I? We are gonna have tons of fun.
What I plan on doing; See as much as I can, get as much information as I can for multiple posts, get all the free stuff. What you can expect from me; at least one or two posts, one retrospective, and one writeup for information about different games. Oh and expect a photo gallery of pictures I take at the con.
Shawncaster's Daily 5 #2: 5 Cool Characters in StarCraft 2 H
Mar 18th 2013
The Daily 55 Cool Characters in StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm.
1. Abathur.
So... Why have I not done a Daily 5 every day?
Mar 18th 2013
So Shawncaster why havn't you done a Daily 5 every day?
Short answer, I'm lazy and didnt think of anything.
Long answer, I have been busy. With school, StarCraft 2 Heart of The Swarm, and running a Minecraft server (Which you can play on) I have had little time to think of stuff. I'm gonna fix that, somehow.