Getting to Know VelvetDove
VelvetDove has been a community member of RivalCastMedia almost right from the beginning, engaging with RCM chats and podcasts since the summer of 2015. The author of “Sims Saturday,†creator of the new RCM video series Reality House, as well as a frequent guest on several streamed podcasts, VelvetDove is no stranger to publishing content and working with RCM. Recently, Velvet Dove responded to interview questions by one of RCM’s interns, sharing more about her gaming and writing history. Let’s get to know more about this longtime RCM member and beloved personality.

Can you tell me a bit about your work with RivalCastMedia?
With RCM, I have a weekly blog based on a long running Sims 3 game. I stream games on the weekend, with a costream with another RCM personality called “Chaos will Ensure,†a solo stream of fighting games called “Girl Fight,†and a co-stream on Sundays called “Sunday Morning Heroes.†I have also started a youtube video series reality show, played in Sims 4 and modeled after “Big Brother.â€

What's your writing background, and how did you get involved with RCM?
I have been writing stories since grade school. I have always liked making my own fantasy worlds. How I became involved involved with RCM, is I play World of Warcraft almost obsessively, and RCM used to have an amazing WoW podcast called Sheep Moon. I would listen to weekly and hang out in the chat room on twitch and then decided to move my character to the RCM WoW guild, and after joining that I gradually became more involved in the RCM community, meeting new people in the community and making friends with those people.
I told a friend of mine about my Sims blog and he brought it up to Baroness to have it run on the RCM website as a weekly article.

What inspired you to start a story series based on Sims characters?
For a while I had a friend who played Sims at the same time I did, and we would share stories of how my family in game did things and she would tell me what her family was doing and it’s really fun telling the sims stories, and when we stopped talking, I wanted to find someone else to share stories with, so I started the blog, in hopes other people might like sharing their sims stories.

What’s your process for writing a Sims Saturday piece?
Each Sims Saturday blog is based on two hours of game play. So, I play the game, take pictures (screenshots) of important things that happen during the game play. I usually have one certain character I focus on as writing the diary type entries on, until they turn old and it needs to be passed on to the next generation, or if a character bugs out and I have to remove them from the game.

How do you balance work and your writing while staying motivated to put out a story a week?
It’s sometimes really hard to feel motivated just strictly because sometimes I’m very interested in playing a game and other time very uninterested.. So when I’m in the mood to play the game I’ll play it for three episodes and get them written in advance just so there’s a buffer in case there’s a moment of just not being interested in playing Sims. During the holidays I fell slightly behind and didn’t get the episodes out until Wednesday or Thursday but I’ve always gotten them out the week of.

What other projects or writing work do you do?
I’m currently not working on anything. I have other stories that I have floating in my head and I’ve had in there for years that I’ve yet to get out, but since there doesn’t seem to be enough time with the gaming that I do.

Well, hopefully we’ll get to see those stories soon! It sounds like Velvet has plenty of more great stories just waiting to be shared with RCM. In the meantime, check out her new show Reality House (, structured around the lives of Sims characters based on RCM staff members. You can also follow her on Twitter at @VelvetDovelyn, where she regularly posts updates on “Sims Saturday†and Reality House.

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity*
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