Negative Headlines Give Undeserved Bias
This summer, the RCM Writing department started its first Summer Writing program with four college interns from around the US. For August, they were asked to write about whether they feel the media has a more positive or a more negative slant regarding gaming culture. Ray's essay is the fourth installment in this four-part series.

When it comes to gaming culture, media tends to have a more negative than positive view. Whenever media gives a positive view to the world about gaming, it then turns right around and presents a negative approach to gaming. This immediate contradiction gives a heavier weight to the negative side and overshadows the positives.

Of course, gaming culture is seen as fun, and interactive. Media keeps gamers updated on the latest news about what is happening in the gaming world. While media does a good job of pushing people to play games and become gamers, it contradicts itself by then shifting focus to the negative. Whenever there is a news broadcast or article that is about video games, there is always a negative connotation about what it is doing to young kids. For example, games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and Call of Duty series show kids violent images such as murder, weaponry, and sexual images, which media deems as harmful to children. Also, media depicts video games as distractions that keep children in a fantasy world away from reality, which prevents a child from learning and growing up which keeps them in a childlike state.

Media does an excellent job of planting a seed of doubt about video games, by stating positive and negative views of gaming culture. When someone reads an article, the first thing that grabs their attention is the headline. If an article has a negative headline (i.e. “Video games causes children to have violent and erratic behavior"), then the presumption is that the article will be negative. Someone can read and focus on the headline of the article and believe that the article is only showing the negative side when in reality it is showing both sides of the topic. Alone, headlines can make people believe that video games are having a negative impact on gamers.

I feel that while media has a negative view on video games, which is horrible, it does not affect the reality of the video games. Video games are a good escape from life for just a moment or two, to be able to play another role. Video games help people relax and de-stress. Video games may have a negative view from media, but overall they have a positive view from gamers.

Rayonna Jernigan (IAm_Ray) is a member of RCM’s Summer Writing program. Feel free to leave questions and comments in the thread or email Ray at
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