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RCM Fanfic - Blank Slate: Episode 1 "Let's Get to Work"
Jan 13th 2015
Deededee blew a stream of smoke off to his right, watching it dissipate quickly into a small whisp before resting his cigarette down against the ash tray at his computer desk. On his left monitor was the image of teh_leet_haxor through their video conferencing system, and on the right his Tweetdeck window was in motion with various tweets and trends he had been following. One in particular had a dedicated column: #findbio
"So you're telling me that Elmo or 'Da Bark Lurd' or whatever the hell he wants to be called posted a video holding Bio hostage?" he asked.
"In short, yes. On our own YouTube account of all places. The wankers also got into the website somehow and compromised my account just to set up an account for him. It's personal, now." teh_leet_haxor replied with an annoyed tone.
Play Nice in the Sandbox
Dec 17th 2014
Why GamerGate and others like it need to be a continuing conversation
I want to start off by sharing a story I think helps exemplify exactly how I feel about GamerGate and similar controversies, and why they’re so important. Bear with me for a minute.
In the spring of 2002, during my senior year of high school, we had an incident that nearly brought the school to riots. Three girls in the senior class decided to write and distribute a “slam book,†a piece of work where they listed out a number of the seniors by name and wrote the most malicious rumors they could come up with. For example, girls weren’t just called sluts or whores; those statements were accompanied by specifically who they were allegedly sleeping with and what specifically they were supposedly doing. Gay or questioning students were targeted and humiliated. Guys were accused of date rape. I’m talking ridiculously damaging stuff. Even in a world that was pre-Facebook or Twitter, somebody decided to make a bunch of photocopies and word spread like wildfire.
What Makes a Gamer?
Dec 13th 2014
I have never considered myself a “gamer.†Despite my generation being the first one that really grew up with gaming consoles being mainstream, and the fact that between my parents’ houses we had several different systems over the years, it was never something I really got into. While my brother and sister fought over who got to be Player 1 and who was relegated to Player 2 (spoiler: my brother was the youngest and my sister punches left), I was busy reading or constructing ridiculously detailed architecture out of LEGO bricks. As we grew up and they progressed from SNES to Sega Genesis to the Sony Dreamcast, N64 and beyond, as my friends got various other consoles to experiment with and formed their own unique gaming identities, I always stayed on the peripherals of the gaming world. I was aware of the new systems as they came out, knew the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems specs, appreciated the advances to game art and playability as the technology advanced, understood the bitches and nerdgasms players had with each of these things, but with the exception of my well-known and admittedly unhealthy obsessions with the Sims, I wasn’t actively gaming, so I was not a gamer.
Or was I?
The common misperception of the gaming culture, espoused as it is by the ridiculously vocal minority (let’s call them â€~anti-gamers’), is that it’s a cast of socially awkward male misfits, usually late teens to early adults, who wear taped glasses, live in their parents’ basement, and drink nothing but Mountain Dew. They don’t have girlfriends, unless you count the waiku pillows. If they play shooter games, they’re violent and repressed. They have no life outside of gaming and trolling the internet. And of course, the real reason they’re upset about the Australian Target stores pulling GTA V from the shelves is because every single one of them wants to oppress women. Don’t let them fool you with that censorship nonsense. They’re geeks at best, miscreants at worst. Don’t let them near your children.