The Accidental Podcaster: Plans
So last week I talked about the death of Dream A, which meant a refiguring of where I want to go and what I want to do. This week, life has decided to keep with the curveballs, but at least in a positive way: yesterday I found out I’ll get an extra six months to figure out what I want to do and prep for the Next Big Thing. This mucks with my travel plans a bit for next fall - I don’t think I’ll get away with my rapidly expanding trip of essentially gypsying around England and Scandinavia for a month before taking a meandering oceanliner back across the Atlantic - but overall will be a good thing (for one, having six more months of pay to afford said meandering journey).

I’ve already come to terms with the fact I’ll need a decent day job for a while yet, which is fine - I’d rather not have to worry about decent healthcare for a while, and have more time to allow RCM’s revenue building angles time to strengthen and grow (we’re almost ready to launch the RivalStore and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!). But at the same time, I’m really not worried about that part. I’ve had quite a few requests filter in for potential new things, but nothing so far has really grabbed my interest. I feel like I’m waiting for something specific that I can’t quite put my finger on, but will know when I find it.

The more important tasks, however, are the ones where I have a lot more control over their success or failure. So my priorities for RivalCast, in no particular order:

-the launch of the RivalStore

-the continued introduction of new RivalFriends for On Tap (OMG I’m SO EXCITED about our upcoming guests over the next month!!!!)

-getting the preliminaries for RivalCon 2017 (July 21-23 here in Cleveland!) set up, and

-an overhaul of ideas for articles. There’s a lot of different things I’ve had ideas for here, so I’m making a list of things I find interesting and tossing it to the writing group for their feedback, but here’s where this week’s post gets interactive - what things interest you, the reader? If you’re flipping through a magazine or scrolling around the internets, what catches your eye? If you’re off doing some hobby on the weekend, aside from playing games (we’ve got some good angles there, too), what are you doing? Drop me a line and let me know. We’ve had some pretty interesting pieces in the past (Hax and Killer, ahem ahem), and I want to see those sorts of things work their way back into our archives. I’m working on one right now about about the friendship of Charles Babbage, who designed (and created part of a working model of) the first mechanical thinking machine, and Ada, Countess Lovelace, who saw the potential the machine had and tied it with another innovation of the day - the Jaquard loom punch cards - to form a basis for what would eventually evolve into programming for computers. That evolution alone is rich enough for its own stories, but the interactions between Ada and Babbage are what really caught my interest.

So, there we are. The beginnings of a new plan. A step toward the Next Big Thing. The shaking off of the dust of the past and the last remnants of doubt as we set our sights on a new and glorious future.

And if I do my job well, I’ll get to the point where I can take that long, meandering gypsy trip after all.
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