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About RivalCast Media
Founded in 2013, RivalCast Media is a multimedia entertainment network that focuses on video gaming culture, with forays into sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and paranormal subcultures as well. Our network currently produces four weekly podcast series, four weekly Let's Play gaming stream series, exclusive YouTube video content, and a number of different writing columns and fiction serials. Additionally, the network strives to build a strong connection with its community and RivalFriends through various community-building events and charity works (RivalCares).

As a community which boasts members all over the globe, the personalities that make up RivalCast Media are as diverse and unique as the content we produce. Like a well-cut gemstone, there are many facets to these ladies and gents that make them sparkle like a vampire in a tweenage romance novel. Learn more about our staff here.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us on our forums or by the following:

Email: Community@rivalcastmedia.com


Twitter: @RivalCastMedia

Teamspeak3: ts.rivalcastmedia.com:8540