Upcoming: RCM Roughnecks in 2h 57m
Upcoming: WolfPack in 6h 57m
Upcoming: RivalCast Roughnecks in 10h 52m
- Mic issue in first 5 minutes
- Last of Us 2 Announced
- Rampage: The Movie
- HG Wells Ghost story
- And more!
- Mic issue in first 5 minutes
- Last of Us 2 Announced
- Rampage: The Movie
- HG Wells Ghost story
- And more!
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 150
- Mic issue in first 5 minutes
- Last of Us 2 Announced
- Rampage: The Movie
- HG Wells Ghost story
- And more!
RCM On Tap - Episode 95
-It's Porksgiving once again!
-Killer surprises all with his dish
-What are we thankful for?
RCM On Tap - Episode 94
-Bio has returned!!!!
-In a shocking twist, Baron's and Varyar's respective couches take over chat. We're still not sure how they were able to type, but they are as articulate as we'd expect them to be.
-Why Risk would be even more amazing with DLC
RCM On Tap - Episode 93
-Juho from 8BitMenu.com joins the fourth chair to talk recipes inspired by video games
-Bio wins the gender-neutral Miss America talent competition
-What would be your theme song?
RCM On Tap - Episode 92
-Killer has the moderator seat for this breaking news bulletin, but reporter Bio has been missing for three days or weeks (depending on who you ask)
-Varyar totally Chris Hansens Baron
RCM On Tap - Episode 91
-This is Halloween! Jen is dressed as Birthday Cat from BL2, Killer is dressed as Frank Farmer from The Bodyguard, and Bio is dressed as...Bio.
-The Magic Hat plays a trick by FINALLY tossing out an Asterisk question...on a night we don't have a Fourth Chair guest.
-But a treat shows up in chat...Princess Candeye!
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 149
- Halloween and the ghost hunting special recap
- Some ghost hunting evidence/using the ovilus on the show
- A lochness monster type creature possibly discovered in Alaska?
- Creepy Clowns getting outlawed
- And more!
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 90
-Rxysurfchic joins the crew in Fourth Chair to talk about her origins as a streamer and how she got to her dream job at Alienware
-The Magic Hat returns!
-Rxy's cat also guest-stars
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 148
- Tales of our ghost hunting adventures
- Special announcement for Halloween
- Ghost Ship appears on Lake Superior
- Outbreak of the Clowns
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 89
-INcontrol of the Evil Geniuses stops by Fourth Chair, much to Varyar's unbridled glee
-Thoughts on the future of RTS
-Why Korean BBQ is the best, and favorite experiences from world travels
RCM On Tap - Episode 88
-Fen from Ventchat swings by fourth chair and Baron fills in for a stuck-at-work Bio
-The group talks fan gatherings - the good, the creepy, and the OMG AWESOME!
-Turns out Killer's girlfriend really DOES watch the show! She and Jen are still not fighting.
RCM On Tap - Episode 87
-Both Jen and Varyar might die. Bio and Killer capitalize on this weakness to promote their upcoming octagon-ring event between Jen and Princess Candeye.
-Save the Date: RivalCon 2017 is set for July 21-23, 2017 in Cleveland!
-Varyar talks XCom mods and what he's loving about some of our RivalFriends' work
RCM On Tap - Episode 86
-Killer and Bio try to stage a fight between Jen and Killer's girlfriend for RivalCon 2017. It's not gonna happen.
-Pumpkin Spice Girls are totes gonna be the hot new girl band
RCM On Tap - Episode 85
-Killer and Jen spend some time getting to know YouTube badass RagTagg!
-How a mild mannered firefighter became a ball smashing Orc Warrior
-RagTagg explains the firefighter's life, and why it's the best job in the world

RCM On Tap - Episode 84
-Imposter Bio shows up to talk about new Porksgiving Day traditions
-Killer's secret shame...

RCM On Tap - Episode 83
-Deededee stops by to talk WoW: Legion and suck Killer back into the Dark Side
-Killer's wedding song leads to the team planning the most epic action wedding ever (hint: it involves most '80s action stars, explosions, and Killer now being Killerino)
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 147
- Resident Evil 7 spoilers????
- The history of haunted hospitals
- Friday the 13th game and movie news
- Haunted Ebay Items for Sale
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 82
Sam stops by and explains why "Suicide Squad" sucks
Rivalcastia won the Olympics!!!!!
Da Bark Lurd makes his presence known once more
Far Afield - Episode 72: College Football 2016
Scott and Porkchop have gathered once again to predict who will have the better College Football season Iowa or Iowa State.
Intro Song: I didn't Know then by Marshall County Hangmen
Outtro Song: I blame you for the Smile on my face by Diana McCorry
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RCM On Tap - Episode 81
-Sayo regales the team with his exploits of rescuing books from a dumpster, which makes Jen very happy.
-Book talk turns into a discussion on extended universes, both the really good and the really...not so good.
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Book Your Vacation Now: RivalCon Dates and City Announced
Nov 5th

You've seen the streams. You know the stories. Now meet your favorite RCM personalities and fellow fans for three days of fun and gaming at RivalCon 2017!
That's right - next summer's RivalCon has been confirmed for July 21-23 in Cleveland, OH.
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The Accidental Podcaster: A Christmas Mystery
Dec 8th
It is Christmas morning, 1989, and my sister and I are beside ourselves with glee. Santa came last night. We had heard the sleigh bells jingling long after our parents had tucked us into bed, faintly at first, then progressively louder as it seemed to get near. I could remember whispering excitedly as it got ever closer, it had to be just outside the house now, reaching for the curtain to peek, and...
Our eyes popped open at the same time, blue pools staring back at each other in wonder. It was morning now. Seestor's honey-framed face looked as surprised as I felt to find us tucked neatly under the Huggabunch comforter and the Strawberry Shortcake bedspread, warm and snug. Had it been a dream? We race, very quietly, to the landing of the staircase. We've already been warned that we aren't allowed to go downstairs until after the baby is awake, but nothing was mentioned about not creeping down a few steps to have a look. We carefully but expertly hang off the bannister as far down as we dare. The tree lights aren't turned on but sure enough, we spot piles upon piles of presents heaped about in the dim light of the morning dawn. I have to grab Seestor's hand to stop her from barrelling down the rest of the stairs in excitement.
It was real!
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Rogue Agent: Chapter 5
Dec 5th
A weary Baroness popped a couple aspirin and sank deeper into one of the armchairs in Varyar's office, trying to block the sounds of Vampy's excitement spilling over from the break room at the other end of the suite. She was happy for her friends, and really wanted to share their excitement, but the events of the afternoon had stripped her good cheer and replaced it with a cold queasiness in the pit of her stomach.