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- All Hail The Turkey God!
- Thanksgiving ghost stories
- George Lucas comments on Star Wars VII
- PS2 Emulation for PS4
-ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia.com/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
- All Hail The Turkey God!
- Thanksgiving ghost stories
- George Lucas comments on Star Wars VII
- PS2 Emulation for PS4
-ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia.com/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 120
- All Hail The Turkey God!
- Thanksgiving ghost stories
- George Lucas comments on Star Wars VII
- PS2 Emulation for PS4
-ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia.com/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
RCM On Tap - Episode 42
-Porkchop joins the team to celebrate the greatest of RCM holidays: Porksgiving!
-Everyone shares their Porksgiving Day recipes. Killer made a cherry crumb cake!
-The guys choose poorly and everyone has to describe their idea of a romantic evening.
-Porkchop obliterates his opponents in Who Tweeted It
The Rival Cast - Episode 129
-The Lucas/Disney Break up
-Varyar sides with Bethesda/Ubisoft, Highlander sides with Kotaku
-No more flash sales and daily deals for steam?
X-Men: The Audio Drama - Episode 2.8: Murderworld
FINALLY Murderworld is open! The X-Men are put to the test when they are captured by the assassin "Arcade" and placed in his deadly "Murderworld" theme park.
The Rival Cast - Episode 128
-Battlefront: Pretty but hollow?
-Digital Sales continue to crime, and GameStop weeps at the death of their business model
-Are terrorists using games to coordinate attacks?
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 119
- Critters vs. Smurfs and other horror movie/kid movie cross overs
- Crimson Peak Review
- Why are horror games the most popular for Let's Plays?
-ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia.com/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
The Rival Cast - Episode 127
-Have you guys heard of Fallout?
-Mobile games give the illusion of skill
-Friday the 13th gets funded!
RCM On Tap - Episode 41
-Special guest Salad Booty is allowed into the Tap Room under the supervision of his parent or guardian
-The crew talks games and how the upcoming generation decides what games to try
-Bio is unjustly denied being allowed to pass on his sagely wisdom
-Who Tweeted That: The Epic Amazement Edition
Far Afield - Episode 53: No Such Thing as to Much Dunn
This week Sayo, Porkchop and joined by long lost host Steven Dunn
Intro Song: I didn't Know then by Marshall County Hangmen
Outtro Song: I blame you for the Smile on my face by Diana McCorry
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The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 118
- My Buddy wants your soul and sets off the ghost hunting gear
- Haunted Travel Log: The City of Blizzcon
- Real Life Horror Story: A Nightmare on Elm Street
-ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia.com/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Sheep Moon - Episode 126: Blizzcon 2015 Special
-The Return of the Guardian! Sheep Moon will now be a WoW Podcast that only covers major events such as Blizzcon, Major Patches, Expansion Releases, etc.
-Quick rundown of everything with my thoughts, and some of yours as well!
-Questions can always be sent to sheepmoonblog@gmail.com
RCM On Tap - Episode 40
-Sam from Operation Supply Drop takes Fourth Chair!
-The crew talks OSD, acting, and why Sam loves America
-Bippy Entertainment has a new blockbuster coming out this Christmas
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 61: The California Zygon's
This week Dee and Sayo are joined by Baroness of RCM On Tap, and Ghost in the Podcast to talk about Series 9 Episode 7 "The Zygon Invasion"
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Intro is 'Parkersburg' by Marshall County Hangmen
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The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 117
- The Haunted Item Experiment continues with 'my buddy'
- New haunted travel log
- Friday the 13th the game kickstarter update
- Latest in horror news
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The Rival Cast - Episode 126
-Did you guys know BlizzCon just ended?
-Blizzard had a small press event
The Rival Cast - Episode 125
-Activision buys King for 5.9 billion dollars
-Fallout leak calls graphics in to question
-Playstation vs Xbox: The Christmas Edition
RCM On Tap - Episode 39
-Scyther Podcast's Karl joins the Fourth Chair!
-It's Halloween! The team shows off their costumes
-A special Alpine edition of the Magic Hat! ...and the guys turn into Jennifer Lawrence?
The Rival Cast - Episode 124
-Arkham Knight offers full refunds
-XBox One gears up against PS4 price drop
-Highlander goes full campfire for creepypasta!
RCM On Tap - Episode 38
-Baroness, Killer, and Bio kick back for a very casual discussion on how awesome they are
-Killer shows off his new toy
-Varyar is kidnapped while chat comes up with the random questions for the panel – we learn that Baroness is super-short, nobody likes chunky peanut butter, and statistically speaking, Bio is the best driver at RCM.
Batman: The Long Halloween - Episode 13: Punishment
Happy Halloween everyone! The Long Halloween reaches it's dramatic conclusion. All the questions are answered and there is a new Two-Face in Gotham.
Latest content
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Three
Nov 27th
Chapter Twenty-Three: Switch...
"Pain is one concept that we all know but cannot understand. There are many kinds of pain. Some which people love, some which people cannot come to terms with, and some that people avoid like the plague..."
Valtyra woke up and immediately felt her muscles complain. She tried to rise, but her head flared and she fell back down onto the pillow.
Ascent to the Dark Side (a short story)
Nov 25th
[Editor's note: The following is a story project started in the summer of 2003. Co-authored primarily by myself and a college friend as a way to keep ourselves writing over summer break, it sat unfinished for twelve years before the story came up in conversation with an anonymous third friend this past summer, who then read what we'd done and said "Ah! I know EXACTLY what happens next!" and then proceeded to finish it out.
What I present here is the story, in full. It's been edited slightly from the original and had the ending added, but the original dialogue and flow is largely intact. If nothing else, it shows the friend-fic hobby goes back a lot farther than RCM - the Kat and Tim mentioned are real people, she really was obsessed with Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan, and the argument at the beginning of the story was real (although the real life argument ended more or less with "Well, you can't be an Ewok because it's not a listed character class" being retorted with "That sounds to me like as a GM you just aren't up to adapting to the story").
I hope you get as much entertainment reading it as we did writing it.
The Accidental Podcaster: Thankful Thoughts
Nov 23rd
Years ago, when I was an undergrad, our campus honors fraternity raised money for our local Habitat for Humanity chapter by soliciting sponsors for us to be "homeless" for one Friday evening in the fall. We had a lot of supporters during the build-up, but when the day arrived, more than half the group retreated due to the cold and the rain – being homeless for a night was fine, so long as they didn't have to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced. For those who stayed, it was an eye-opening event. We had to build a fire if we wanted to keep warm, but that was difficult with the wind, so a few of us had to act as a shield while another gently fed tinder into the tiny flames. Staying dry was another challenge; we begged a roll of cheap trash liners from the campus maintenance staff to make ourselves ponchos and to try to keep our cardboard box houses from disintegrating in the rain. A few of the professors had set up a soup kitchen for us – by our pledge, the only food we were allowed that day. They also brought me medicine, since I had a nasty cold and refused to leave. I didn't want to take it for the same reason I didn't go home: the point of the exercise was that we wanted to experience what homelessness was really like, and the truly homeless didn't have the option of going to a warm house when it got cold or drinking cough medicines because they were sick.*
But what stood out most for me from that night wasn't until after the supporters had gone and the temporarily homeless students went to sleep. The campus lawn where we built our box city was directly across the street and maybe seventy-five yards away from the main railroad tracks that went through town. I had a rather choice refrigerator box as my temporary home – being short, I had the option of stretching my legs out and still having the protection (minor as it was) of my cardboard walls and trash-liner roof. It was still raining intermittently, so after the fire died down it was pitch black aside from the occasional headlights of a passing car. The wind rustling through the dry, falling leaves made it feel colder, but I was reasonably snug in my hat and sleeping bag.
Until the freight train came through.
Sims Saturday: Bigger Than Life
Nov 21st
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.
Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by writer and longtime RivalCast community member VelvetDove.
RCM Fanfic - Agents of ARACHNOS, Ep. 21
Nov 20th
Episode 21 - Intermission
[Author's note: Oh ma gawd you GAIZ! ...No, no, scratch that, I don't have the energy to do a full on proper author's/arthor's note. Sorry. But I did want to say in an attempt to not fuck up the story narrative right as we've gotten to the action, this week's offering is notably shorter. Don't worry - we've got more stuff on the way, and a special Shia Surprise for Thanksgiving. But you guys deserve the very best, so I'm not going to rush out the other scenes for this chapter until they flow the way they're supposed to. Stay tuned -J.]
RCM Fanfic - Agents of ARACHNOS, Ep. 20
Nov 20th
Chapter 20 - Daydreams and Nightmares
Sometimes there is no darker place than our own thoughts: the moonless midnight of the mind.
-Dean Koontz
Heavenly Demon, Chapter Five
Nov 18th
Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.
Neither one of my parents left me alone that night. After dinner they came in my room and were appalled at how bare it was; the only things in there was a bare mattress and a small pile of clothes. They promised to make up for it.
The Accidental Podcaster: Opinions
Nov 16th
At the beginning of summer this year, the company which provides my day job made the difficult decision to begin phasing out a number of locations across the country. The unfortunate byproduct of this was a large number of positions being eliminated at the various affected campuses. It wasn't unexpected, but it was still an emotional time; the nature of my own position meant I knew a lot of the people who were let go, and a number of them were personal friends. To make things worse, the day of the announcement was also the first day after my very good friend and work partner had left for a different job, and we'd not yet found a replacement for her shift. Reeling from the shock and chaos that swirled about in those first few weeks, it was hard not to despair.
But the darkest moment was when a former student – a real gossip queen – stopped by during the busy time just before class to give her two cents on the whole situation and get whatever dirt. As my friends will tell you, I dislike gossip as a general rule, but I especially despise when someone comes to talk to me for the sole purpose of trying to extract information of which they have no business. All the worse if the topic being inquired about is one of a personal nature, and if the person asking is doing so in a way that impedes my work. Hit all those points and now my temper is hot.
She had a lot of questions I didn't have answers to and a lot that I wouldn't have answered if I did. My canned (if somewhat irritated) responses to her trying to wheedle something juicy out of me frustrated her, but not enough to take the hint and go on her merry way. Instead, after hitting the proverbial wall several times with her questions and getting increasingly exasperated with me, she finally let out a snotty, "Well, I'm SURE you have an OPINION, don't you?"
Sims Saturday: Family Love
Nov 14th
Ever wonder what the Sims will do left to their own devices? See the story of a young couple unfold right before your eyes.
Welcome to Sims Saturday, a Sims soap opera by writer and longtime RivalCast community member VelvetDove.
The Fireside Tales - Chapter Twenty-Two
Nov 13th
Chapter Twenty-Two: Grayst Sevilla
"Everyone believes that the undead are weak, slow creatures that are only interested in brains. I dare you to met a ghoul one day and think that same thing. Assuming you survive, that is."
The green form of Bubnug flew across Valtyra's vision and crashed into Sevilla. Both slammed against a bookshelf and fell to the ground, struggling against each other. Valtyra turned away from them and yelled at the tiefling, "Get him out of here!"