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-In this special episode, we go behind the scenes of RCM On Tap and witness what goes on in the super secret Tap meetings.
-In this special episode, we go behind the scenes of RCM On Tap and witness what goes on in the super secret Tap meetings.
RCM On Tap - Episode 73
-In this special episode, we go behind the scenes of RCM On Tap and witness what goes on in the super secret Tap meetings.
RCM On Tap - Episode 72
-The table argues over America's best game show host and agree that Bob Barker, Steve Harvey, and Pat Sajak would make an amazing Tri-Force team
-Who do we know personally who would make a good protagonist for a video game? Varyar, of course!
-What's your favorite breakfast? (WARNING: That segment will make you hungry)
RCM On Tap - Episode 71
-Violet, er, Velvet Dove joins Fourth Chair as we discuss our RPG memories
-Who would host the RivalAwards?
-Spoilers. Nuf said.
Far Afield - Episode 63: What is love
Intro Song: I didn't Know then by Marshall County Hangmen
Outtro Song: I blame you for the Smile on my face by Diana McCorry
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The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 141
- Ghosthunters coming to an end on Syfy
- We cast a hex provided to us by a real witch
- The Conjuring 2 Review
- The Amityville Story
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 70
-The Court of RivalCastia is in session, the Honorable Varyar presiding
-Killer's on trial, with Bio as his defense and Baroness persecuting
-Can Killer survive the Court of Public Opinion?
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 140
- Ovilus and other ghost hunting tools go off during show
- Friday the 13th film to be a new origin story
- Capcom comments on Resident Evil 2 Remake
- Real Life Ghost stories
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 69
-The guys are judgemental of Jen's love for the Weekly World News
-What we would write to DS2, and our race and class for an RCM-themed D&D game
-Killer is arrested on charges of treason against Rivalcastia?
RCM On Tap - Episode 68
-Bio, Killer, and Jen discuss what a physical RCM studio would look like
-There's a questionable tool on Kickstarter for licking one's cat, and the team is traumatized
-What's the worst thing you would do to access the Steam library for life? If you're Killer, you apparently BETRAY ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND INCUR THE WRATH OF RIVALCASTIA.
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 139
- Urban Legends returns
- The love and curse of nostalgia
- Google and IMAX team up for VR movies
- Stephen King comments on 'The Dark Tower' movie
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 67
-Sam from Operation Supply Drop stops by to talk about Military Appreciation Month and this year's 8-Bit Salute fundraiser
-The crew discusses options for the Mount Rushmore of game characters
-We learn that everybody is way too nice. Except Baroness.
RCM On Tap - Episode 66
-Dee confesses his undying lust for Marissa Tome
-Some sketchy folk are trying to steal our livers
-First guest wild card: an FMK between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Hentai Kamen
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 138
- Super Masochist Brothers: the true story of Mario
- Game reviews for Left Alone and Stairs
- Ben Crapleck "humiliated" by Batman vs. Superman reviews
- A 'true' story of family possession
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 65
-teh_leet_haxor has been returned from his exile
-First ever interactive biography RPG
-Don't Stop Bubbalieving
-Hax's Unbelievable Truth
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 137
- Ghosts on a plane
- Odd noises gamers hear after playing games
- Fox pulls out of Comic Con
- IT gets a release date
- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecast
RCM On Tap - Episode 60
-Scott Alvarado of Far Afield fame returns
-Allegations are leveled at Bio
-Killer talks about his latest hog hunting trip
-The Pink Box is mind breaking as ever
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No Ghost in the Podcast this week
Jun 19th
Due to father's day and other obligations Ghost in the Podcast will not be on tonight. Check out prior episodes in the show tab or on itunes and stitcher.
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The Accidental Podcaster: Zinger's In The Cup
Jun 29th
There are a variety of sayings we have in the RCM staff room to denote an acquiescence to calm. Varyar, for example, is a swimmer, so he favors the allegory of the problems being like water going over a duck. Hax reminds us of the Sith Code. Killer has a particular sigh. But my personal favorite is the phrase 'Zinger's in the cup.' The 'Zinger' is in reference to my favorite tea, which I tend to consume while I'm working and serves as an anchor to my well-being. To have Zinger in the cup means remembering that in spite of whatever crazy is going on in the world around you, there are still tiny bits of comfort to get you through; a physical reminder of "don't worry, you got this."
Saturday afternoon, I went through about five cups.
This weekend we held the first RivalCon, a two-day festival of friendship and gaming that saw community members of Rivalcastia come in from all over the country (and Sweden!) to play in person with friends they've known for years, but in many cases had never met face to face. It's a good time, to be sure.
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Episode 1 (June 7, 2016)
Jun 28th
"Welcome to a realm of incredible splendor, mystical wonder, and in a few places, ages old evil. Here, the pockets of civilization push back against the unbridled wilds with walls and culture although dark shadows of forgotten ruins and deep caverns sprawl across the wilderness with the promise of adventure, glory, and danger. Here the gods are not impersonal, distant ideas to be contemplated and debated upon. Here, the gods take active roles in the shaping of the world through their devotees, weaving the lives of the people together with the threads of fate and destiny. This is the world in which you live. This is Faerun. This is your home. And this is where your story begins."

Having weathered the stormy night in an abandoned tower, our party of heroes made their way through the tumultuous, mountainous region of the Thunderpeaks. The brave barbarian Kefurgle soon bested a buck for his morning snack, but he had not the time to enjoy it: the party came across a pack of Kobolds attacking a silken clad merchant. The lizard-like creatures were dispatched with ease, thanks to a few frost bolts from the deft mage Bo, and the party learned of the merchant's tale. A simple man, Zorba had taken to traveling across the Thunderpeaks and beyond to sell his wares to all sorts of adventurers. The party was allotted a minor discount for saving his life, but, after much haggling, found the more useful items within his enchanted wagon to be too much for their meager purses.