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This week look at the second episode Torchwood Season 1 Episode 2: Day 1
This week look at the second episode Torchwood Season 1 Episode 2: Day 1
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 29: Day One
This week look at the second episode Torchwood Season 1 Episode 2: Day 1
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 52
- Can video games be art?
- Early Access ruins another experience
- ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com, @ghostinthecast
The Rival Cast - Episode 62
- Highlander is out, which means two new guest hosts!
- Varyar's brother can't decide on a radio name
-We hear about the current woes of the gaming industry and the development of e-sports!
The Rival Cast - Episode 61
-Highlander and Varyar are sales gods
-Short show due to circumstances
-Lebron returns to Cleveland
Sheep Moon - Episode 92: Post Evo Hype!
-The first episode after the EVO Fighting Game Championships allows Dee to REALLY show his love for the fighting game
-Learn how to use the Fighting Game Theory of Tier Lists to help you pick your main for the next expansion!
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Dr Who Livecast - Episode 28: Everything Changes
We begin our look at the spin off series TorchWood... It's essentially Scooby-Doo for adults
Far Afield - Episode 18: RUDY RUDY RUDY
This week the gang is back together and we are talk to Rudy of Crit Heads and Queue Random.
The Rival Cast - Episode 60
-Happy Fucking Freedom Day!
-We return for more of Tara's take on twilight!
-Hear how Varyar killed Bambi!
WoW Uncensored - Episode 84: Cursed
--Oh nostalgia!
--Brief thoughts on the new dungeons, and how difficult they should be
--We found our old guild website! Here's some links for your enjoyment!
http://web.archive.org/web/20100112024454/http://guildcursed.guildlaunch.com/ and http://web.archive.org/web/20100311200018/http://guildcursed.guildlaunch.com/forums/index.php?gid=113502
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Dr Who Livecast - Episode 27: Doomsday
This week our crew is joined by Dustin D of the Trollcasts to talk about final episode of Series 2 Doomsday. As well as general overview of what we think of Series 2.
Sheep Moon - Episode 91: Welcome Back Thunderfury!
-First impressions of the revamped UBRS and the new instance: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
-Rob Pardo leaves Blizzard, goodbye sweet prince!
-Dee has absolutely the greatest idea ever...of all time.
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The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 51
- 'Joy of Satan Ministries': demons vs. ghosts, belief structure of Satan worship, and how the hell do Atheists still believe in Satan?
- My dead girlfriend still messages me and tags herself in photos on facebook- Creep of the Week
- Umamor guest hosts!
- The Cult of Sesame Street joins the march to election 2016
WoW Uncensored - Episode 83: I Can't Think of a Cool Title for this Show
--Talk about recruiting, and dealing with problem recruits we have had in the past
--We raided Heroic MSV, and it was more fun than Siege
--Changes to the AH are GOOD
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Sheep Moon - Episode 90: Lobby of Warcraft
-AH changes are good for the WoW economy
-Yes, taking away Guild Leveling is bad, but it was a bad system to begin with
-Logical reasons that NOT using Karabor/Bladespire Fortress as capital cities DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL
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Dr Who Livecast - Episode 26: Army of Ghosts
-This week we look at the 1st part of the second season finale Army of Ghosts
- Special guest hosts Umamor and Baron Von Gosu
Dr Who Livecast - Episode 25: Fear Her
This week our crew is joined by Highlander1G of the Rivalcast to talk about what is widely considered to be the worst episode of Doctor Who in its 50+ year history.
BGM - Episode 91: Feel the Beat
Music from Konami's Beatmania IIDX series. Tracklist: http://sekani2.com/1048/bgm-91-feel-the-beat/
The Ghost in the Podcast - Episode 50
- Review of the first evidence gathered from the live ghost hunt
- Ectoplasmic Party 2016: All hail Arachnos for Supreme Overlo...I mean president
- Does 'early access' ruin the horror experience for games?
- Trends to change to create a horror film renaissance
WoW Uncensored - Episode 82: The Evolution of FMK #1
--For your enjoyment, enjoy this "filler" episode. These are the FMKs from Episodes 1-10. See the humble beginnings of your favorite segment of the dirtiest show on the internet!
--Follow us on Twitter! @wowuncensored @valentinekbs @kolemsai @bubbacalebrogue Email the show! wowuncensoredshow@gmail.com
The Rival Cast - Episode 59
-Highlander can't make it so Varyar goes Solo.
-Is this the year of Co-op?
-Varyar had intended to just do live filler until we could record a full show, so apologies for the quality.
Latest content
Sheep Moon reschedule has been cancelled
5 hours
Dee's health has finally caught up to him. Doctor's have forced rest on the Guardian, which prevents him from doing tonight's planned rescheduled show. Will be back next week, normal time. ...
I'm not fat, I'm a pro gamer
3 weeks
While browsing Netflix the other night looking for a decent date night movie to watch, the title  caught my attention. The premise is that video games have become the most popular competitive sport on the planet, and so talented gamers come to this fictional school to hone their skills, while dealing with most of the typical high school comedy tropes. The idea that competitive gaming would somehow surpass, say, the NFL or World Cup soccer in popularity sounds a bit ridiculous right now. Still, tens of millions of spectators tune in to Twitch channels and other live streams to see fighting game tournaments like Evo and MOBA tournaments like The International. A tournament for League of Legends last year sold out the Staples Center in Los Angeles in an hour. The numbers (and prize pools) don't lie, competitive gaming is a thing and it's taking off. ...
A Brief Gank Erroneous Electronics Earwig
4 weeks
Show over, cynicism returning to normal
By Shriggs
Neutrality is Overrated
4 weeks
It's frightening how misunderstood the issue of net neutrality is right now. I'd like to place the blame on Netflix CEO Reed Hastings for this mess. He co-opted the term as part of his PR campaign against Comcast, Verizon, and other ISPs to build public and social media support for his company. Truth is, streaming video services like Netflix have basically broken the internet, and they're all just fighting over who's going to pay to fix it. It'll be us, the consumers, in the end regardless, but they're still fighting over who's keeping the bigger share of our money. ...
Destiny Public Alpha Impressions
4 weeks
In conjunction with E3, Bungie allowed all who had a PS4 and signed up for it to try out their alpha build of Destiny through the weekend. Since I've been looking forward to Destiny since it was announced I signed up as soon as humanly possible. I waited patiently (i.e. doing everything short of murder to pass the time) for the email that would contain my code for the alpha. When I had finally received my code, I immediately set off for adventure. ...
A Brief Gank Wildstar
1 month
Now back to... Doing... Work... ?
By Shriggs
A New Galaxy
1 month
I was gonna take on another serious topic, like how stupid people think that net neutrality is going to give them faster Netflix, or how the UC Santa Barbara shooting got turned into a women's rights movement, or even how Microsoft has apparently given up on their vision with the Xbox One, but quite frankly, you guys aren't paying me enough to be serious all the time. So instead, I'm just gonna brag about my new toy. ...
A Brief Gank Patent My Face, OK!
1 month
Everyone should check out the Cryptozoic Entertainment vs Wizards of the Coast Scuffle, its kind of crazy.
By Shriggs
KTC and it's Tech Crew (A Shawncaster Documentary)
1 month
So for my advanced broadcasting class I had to make a 15 minute documentary on something involving our school or town, I chose theater again. So what I did was I documented some of the unseen things that happen before and during a show. Take a look at the embedded version over at http://www.shawncaster.grebog.net ...
A Brief Gank Derp Souls
2 months
Get on my level bro.
By Shriggs